what's next on your Jimmy Choo wishlist...either now or for F/W 07?

  1. My next must-have purchase is a black Mahala. I've been wanting one for the longest time, and I really *need* a new black bag.

    Going forward, I'd love to have a JC bag in green (a darker shade, like emerald or forest). It's my favorite color, and someone here on tPF already mentioned that they have heard JC is doing some green bags for fall.

    What about you? What's on your wishlist?
  2. For me it would either be a Ross or a Maddy. The only problem for me is I like small under the arm shoulder bags. I also think I would never really get the opportunity to wear Ross as I think it is quite a formal suited and booted bag. This year I would also like to buy a formal evening bag to match my satin evening shoes.
  3. I think the new Fall line is going to be exciting. I hear there is an eggplant color coming out and the emerald green would be wonderful. Saks in Chicago has a Kelly green Riki that is unusual. I did not care for it in January, then last week I saw it again and thought it was really pretty. I guess it is one of those bags that kind of grows on you.
  4. These beauties I have my eye on .....


    I'd also love to see a fabulous forest green JC bag for fall.
  5. [​IMG] Re: pics of JC bags from catalogues, lookbooks, or magazines *PICS ONLY--NO CHATTING*
    From the S/S 07 Jimmy Choo catalogue...


    I fell in love with the Marcia !:love:
    I have one Chanel bag ahead of it and then I must get one
  6. Lisasbags,
    I may be wrong, but I heard that the Marcia will not be back. (another thread?) so hurry and grab one before it's too late:crybaby:
  7. Mmmm... eggplant too! That would be great.
  8. Kat: So many bags, so little time, eh? ;)
  9. In my case so little $$.
    A black Mahala is on my wish list too.
  10. I would love to get a Maddy or Mahala. Not sure about the color. I like the metallics in the stores now, but I may wait to see the fall colors.
  11. Robyn :wtf: :wtf: Thanks for the info!
    I better grab it now then
  12. I would, just to be safe. Maybe Saks will have another Spend some, get some promo this month and you can get a gift card to use towards your Chanel bag!:nuts:
  13. what are the fall colors? and the theme? does anybody know?
  14. These! :nuts: :drool: :nuts: I believe their $1375.00 or close to that...

  15. where did you find that out!?!? any bags??