What's next from this season?

  1. Some of us have started to receive our bags from the pre-collection. Now that you have seen the leathers and colors, what's next in your collection?

    I recently received my blueberry work and am toying with the idea of a grenat work. I already have a bordeaux city but I use the works more often. I am definitely wanting the light camel work from the fall collection though.
  2. City in rouge or grenat...part-time in black...I think...
  3. Rouge city .... I just can't help it....
  4. i'm gonna be a really good girl & totally abstain this season :angel:
  5. Rouge vif First or City :love:
  6. Rouge vif Hobo or City.
  7. shoegal- blueberry work? could you please post pictures of your bag, pretty please? I'm curious about this color.
  8. They are already posted under the blueberry work thread :yes:
  9. I am a Balenciaga virgin. For my first b-bag I am debating between the First or City, can't seem to decide. I really do love the blueberry color.
  10. Oooh, a Balenciaga virgin! Cilla, you'll soon find that it doesn't take much to go from Bbag virgin to complete Bbag whore, lol!:roflmfao: Good luck on your decision! Your first will always be memorable...:graucho::P
  11. gimmie gimmie a blueberry work :roflmfao:
  12. But you can't! You're on a purse ban! :crybaby:I want to see how long you'll last Helen! :graucho:
  13. I personally prefer the look of the First, but the size of the City is more practical for me ... are you having the same sort of dilemma?
  14. I am just indecisive and flip flop so much on what I want. Today I am leaning towards getting a First. I love bigger bags but it would be nice to have a smaller bag to use at night.

    I really love the blue/grey color but I want a b-bag now and hate waiting until August for the blue/grey to come out. I can't buy locally so I will have to place an order over the phone, where is the best place to buy from? The Balenciaga boutique in NY?