What's Next from Chanel?

  1. I'm still very green when it comes to Chanel. I instantly fell in love with their classic pieces. I'm a bit too conservative for their cruise collection. How soon will we see their next collection? :drool:
  2. The next collection will be Spring/Summer 08 and there will be some good classics coming! New colors for the 2.55 Reissue flaps (colored metallics!!) and hopefully some new colored classic flaps and totes. I'm excited! I've just managed to get one piece from Cruise and it's a classic (and I'm not at all conservative!). I think S/S will be my undoing! :sweatdrop:
  3. Oh! I forgot to mention that it should be start coming to stores in early 08.
  4. Like bulletproofsoul said, there's going to be AMAAAAAZING colors for spring, for both reissues and classics!!! Metallic colors for reissues include purple, navy, black, silver, gold, and i think cream? The classics will have yellow, white, two pinks, and more!! Those are just off the top of my head- it's going to be an amazing season!
  5. i heard there also might be a green metallic
  6. oh wow i'd totally love to have a pink classic flap
  7. i remember my SA said there won't be a gold for the reissue for spring.. i am PRETTY SURE he said gold was the one that won't be included.. because i remember saying i am not a big fan of that color anyway~ lolx. but i might be wrong!!!

    i am just sooooo excited about the purple!!!!!!!!