What's Next for You??

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  1. I thought it would be fun to hear what everyone's waiting on right now! I'll go first:

    On their way:
    - one pair of sandals
    - one pair of sunglasses (SO excited about these!!)

    Ordering this month (I hope):
    - red Ergo large patent hobo

    What's everyone else waiting on?
  2. my red patent ergo that I'm going to the store to order in 5 minutes!!! yay!! I have to wait for my chauffer (mom) to get here since I can't drive
  3. This month i am hoping to purchase:
    denim mini skinny (possibly the zip wallet and the tote or a hobo)
    black sig ergo
    hopefully a new keyfob
  4. I'm hoping for:
    A Carly
    Something Denim
    A red or brown wristlet
    A pair of shoes
  5. Dunno! Going to the military base tomorrow and will check out what they've got for a Coach selection :biggrin:
  6. Waiting for:
    Legacy stripe french purse

    About to order:
    skull charm

    Hoping for:
    pond bracelet
  7. hmm, vachetta ergo tote?hobo?
    would love a red patent hobo
    ergo wallet
    summer legacy stripe scarf
  8. waiting for my:
    legacy stripe french wallet and my punch sig. stripe tote
    Hoping to get:
    legacy shoulder in pond.
  9. On it's way: signature stripe scarf in crimson

    Next purchase: maybe the denim signature strip mini skinny

    Hoping for: a crimson signature strip reversible tote
  10. A leather large Carly and a demi leather Carly...but "next" might be way in the future!
  11. Waiting for:
    Legacy coin wristlet

    Thinking about:
    Legacy satchel, color undecided
  12. I am really wanting the Rose Legacy Shoulder bag.

    I also want a black Ali!

    I want the Skull Charm and the Grapefruit and the Watermelon and the Lime........

    Oh and a Ponytail Scarf!
  13. First of all, why aren't you girls ordering your L. shoulders in pond and rose? They're still available at Jax.

    Anywho, I'm waiting on the patchwork daisy charm in multicolor (coming july) and the legacy stripe ponytail scarf in June.

    Other then that, I'm waiting on our outlet opening in july too!
  14. I want everything listed in my signature!!! And the new scarf print scarf . . .
  15. On its way: Signature stripe scarf in crimson!

    Next on the list: Crimson sig stripe umbrella, something legacy stripe... must... have...

    There's plenty of bags I want but this is all I'm getting right now....