What's next for S'Mom?

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  1. Let's say (hypothetically of course) you have enough neutral bags. Gold, Rouge H, black, Chestnut, Olive, etc. And you really, really feel the need to walk a little on the wild side. But you're hesitant because the wild side can be a tad too wild if your not careful.

    I'd love some suggestions please on color/leather for a gal who's not a spring chicken anymore, a little reserved but still likes a little "edge" and want's to "break out" of the mold a bit.

    Not thinking of Birkins (love what I have and need no more) and no more black, no Fuschia, Violet or anything that attracts Curry sauce and other foods.....which means no Rose Dragee or anything white. :rolleyes:

    I do have something in mind but I'd love, love, love to hear your suggestions to see if I'm anywhere near the right track.........:yes: (and this COULD be a SO! :wlae:)
  2. Based on your wardrobe that I've seen something from the blue family...Blue Jean, Thallassa ( if you can find it), Brighton Blue, etc...

    Or Chartreuse....maybe...
  3. I still say that green color you were lusting after a bit ago....vert fonce?
  4. I agree with Quinn's mom, Blue Jean and Chartreuse are both beautiful colors, escecially for summer. I also love Raisin and though it's a great neutral I think it can also be dressed up as pretty striking.
  5. Raisin?
  6. BLUE JEAN!!! But you knew I was going to say that! LOL! Or what about Raisin???
  7. A slouchy Bolide in Blue Jean would punch things up.

    I don't think you have any slouchy bolides - right?
  8. i vote raisin with second and third votes going to blue jean or brighton blue.
  9. ITA - Raisin :drool:
  10. Oh yay! Does this mean that your local Alaskan boutique has mended their ways and invited you to place a SO? Whoppee!
  11. Raisin is lovely, but dark.... Since we are the same age, and are both neutral gals, and I've just taken the plunge for Rouge Garance, I say: Rouge Garance!!!!:yahoo:
  12. ^^^ Me too! I agree - Red. Red is a neutral, albeit a bright one. You would ROCK red, D. Think of it with your wardrobe......YUMMY. I can see it already.
  13. S'mom.. Pete's raisin... yum!
  14. seems like you need something blue...blue jean or blue thalassa? kelly or mou bolide.
  15. Red! very classic! exotic perhaps? croc?

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