What's next for LeSportSac/Tokidoki?

  1. I'm sorry if this has been discussed before, I could not find anything.

    What's next? Does LeSportSac just go back to their boring old bags? Bellamomobella said in the eBay tread "So, is it true that LeSportSac will be continuing the Tokidoki line without Simone on board? If so, does this mean LSS will be making reprints of the most popular bags or do you think that they'll have their own designers make new prints based upon what Simone has already created? Or has Simone given them certain permissions to continue the line and use his artwork? It'd be nice if could just sign another 2+ year contract with them." Is this what's going to happen? When are they going to tell us? Does anyone have any idea? :girlsigh:I don't want it to end. I only just found and fell in love with this brand. I want so many of the bags.
  2. Word is there will be a new line of tokidoki bags in August 2008 that will be produced by LeSportsac, but branded as tokidoki rather than as LeSportsac bags (and Simone will of course still be involved).
  3. Thank you so much CherryFarmGirl for remembering my questions in the other post!! ^_^ I figured there had to be at least some people who were in the know and equally there had to be others wondering still.

    Thanks also to lambfashionista! This is great news!! Tokidoki will have their own line now and Simone will still have his hand in it! :yahoo: lol I'm so glad to know this wont be the end and I'm even more excited to see what new prints will be brought to us next fall. Now the trouble will just be waiting! ^_^
  4. I wonder if the materials will be the same. Personally I wouldn't mind if they went a little bit different. As long as they're made by lesportsac we know the quality will be good :smile:
  5. So true if they are anything like what lambfashionista posted in her blog (TOKIDOKI MOMO POCHETTE Handbag)! I'd love it! I'd love any tokidoki bag actually :biggrin:
  6. Hmm that bag is cute but it doesn't look Lesportsac at all... maybe they ARE doing something totally different! I hope they use the all-over latte print like on that TD initials hoodie.
  7. I'm hoping they do something with the new punk characters as a print. I hope they do something different with the style of the bags. I could do without the vechetta leather.
  8. The best feature of the LSS Toki bags is the all-over print. I know that European Tokidoki bags typically have a print with a few spare design elements or characters, but the super-busy prints that LSS produces aren't typical-- except for this one bag lambfashionista found for us. And it's a really cute design, so if the proposed new LSS are anything like that, BRING IT ON! :tup:
  9. Have any of you seen this bag? What is it?!?!?! And more importantly, WHERE CAN I FIND IT? :drool:

    Please let me know if any of you have seen it/know where it's available. Thanks!
  10. It is OLD, way way way before Simone L collaborated with LSS. I think it's sold in Spain/Italy, and made of 100% cotton canvas.
  11. I want it! :love: I'd even take cotton/canvas! Do they ever show up for sale anywhere? Thanks for the reply.
  12. I've seen a few on eBay around the beginning of the year, I don't know if they are still being sold, I don't really look for Toki there anymore.
  13. Copy paste the number into the eBay search box:

    Item number: 200231062457
    Item number: 190225711632
    Item number: 190228993312

    Not exactly the one you want but they're from the same series I believe.
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  15. VPT, thank you so much for the item numbers. It's not exactly the same print, but I still LOVE it! Thanks again!