What's next? Can't stop now! Going for Broke.

  1. I started out a few weeks ago with an old Mono Speedy 30, A Mono Perfo Orange Speedy (gift), a Mono Alma and I bought and returned Priscilla for Manhattan PM. Well, I finished a design job and got paid, after splitting it up (retirement, savings, etc. etc) I have a lot left for me and have gone crazy. I've been to both LV's near me and on eLuxury (and eBay with only those I know for sure sell authentic) and want to go to the new LV in AC. I have purchased a Pochette Tulum for my cell phone, a Wapity for my camera, (which doesn't work and have I bought a new one of those while tinkling away all of my money...NO) a Pochette Cosmetique, a Porte Tressor International Wallet am debating the Koala Agenda cause it's too cute with that pink interior, also thinking about an eyeglass case and bought a Graffiti Speedy from an estate sale in San Fransisco (which comes with guaranteed written authentication) Oh, and my Panda Cles (how could I forget that since it is what sparked my spending frenzy). What have I forgotten? I'm still watching that LV Girl Cell Phone Strap too. LMAO I guess I should go buy a camera to take pics of everything for you guys huh...off to eBay I go....will NOT search for any LV!!!!
  2. :yes: get that camera we want to see pics! Congrats on all your fabulous stuff!!!! :yahoo:
  3. wow! Would love to see pics! You have been on a roll!!!
  4. yep. Completely outta control, I'm convinced it's this blog...haha..it's kinda like a cult...

    just kidding....not really.
  5. way to go!
  6. wow..you are on fire !!
  7. Nothing like a spending spree to make a person feel good.
    Way to go.:wlae:
  8. You are so dead on! I just look at everyone's cool and beautiful things and I started making a list of little things for inside of the purses and suddenly, there was a check in the mail, foudn out how much was junt mine and I lost it! I ordered a camera on eBay! LOL I've already been playing with the thigs I have and arranging them to take pics. I feel like a total nut! But buying so much stuff that I've always wanted has been so much fun. It makes all the years that I worked my butt off and never spent anything on myself really feel like it was worth it. My camera should be here the same time as the Graffiti. I can't wait to show off my stuff to you guys cause no one I know really cares and they'll think I am crazy for spending the money this way.
  9. Can't wait to see picks of all your new goodies!!
  10. Wow, you lucky girl, so jealous:crybaby: But, hey, congrats:yahoo: Can't wait to see pics:yes:
  11. wow, can't wait to see all the goodies!
  12. More power to you!
  13. wowzers!!! I can't wait to see pics! Everything sounds great!:yahoo:
  14. Snap a collection pic for us! LOL!
  15. :nuts: Wow! I can't wait to see the photos! Congrats on everything!