What's Newer Patchwork or Elastic Quilted?

  1. Hi Guys...I am new to MJ...I am usually in the LV Forum but they don't have a black bag with gold hardware which is what I'm looking for at the moment, therefore I am interested in a MJ Stam. Questions?

    What's newer Patchwork or Elastic Quilted?
    Does Elastic Quilted come in Brown or will it come in Brown?
    Why do some gals prefer Classic vs. Elastic Quilted?
    Is the Patchwork Stam the same size as the Elastic Quilted Stam?

    Thank You Guys !!!
  2. The elastic quilt is new for fall, and the patchwork is from spring 07. The elastic quilt only comes in black, plum, blue, emerald, and yellow. I think that the classic quilt is the best looking one!