whats new...??

  1. hi everybody....
    ive been wanting to buy an lv bag for a while but i dont like anything i see now..

    so is there anything special coming soon that i should wait for or get something from the suhali line?

    help lv experts
  2. isnt there something called the "Neverfull"??? its like a HUGE tote or somthing??? I would wait and get something from Suhali :smile: xx
  3. Its not huge, it comes in 3 sizes. At the moment will be in the monogram.
  4. ^^ Neverfull comes in several sizes it's v.pretty.
  5. ^ i love those bags so much!
  6. Its on my must see list...
  7. Does anybody know if Marc is doing any sort of big special edition line like the graffiti, cerises, dentelle this comming season? I saw some sort of "bags and trunk" painted mini pouch bag in the new NEVERFULL bag add, but will there be more items like that? Hopefully some wallets, speedy and keepall! Any info anybody? Ow the japan vuitton site already has a neverfull section, you can see the ad there!
  8. There are new colors coming out in Suhali soon. A gold Lockit would look soooo hot!
  9. Something relly special coming up is the release of pegase in vernis pomme d'amour et amarante... :sweatdrop:
  10. then there's that new Techno Mono(sp?), about new edition of Monogram w/black, possibly patent, leather replace the vachetta, but not sure how many bags will be done in that.
  11. ^
    Any news on that yet? Does anyone know the release date?
  12. Ohh!!
    I want one!

    But... another monogram? hahah (I was thinking of changing it up and get a damier for my next LV purchase) :graucho:
  13. I'm waiting for the damier berkley/sporty bag. I like the new hampstead MM, but am waiting to compare it to the berkley.
    I also like those neverfulls, but fear that they may be way too similar to my BH...
  14. oooh guys thanx alooooooooooot
    ur all been sooo kind...
    but i cant wait...i must get something noooooooooooooow
    think i'll go for the suhali and then see what comes next

    thanx agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain