What's new from Las Vegas...and what's NOT!

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  1. Good Morning everyone and let me just say how glad I am to be home again!

    What can I say about Las Vegas?!?!!? You either love it or hate it, I think. I'm not a lover of it but if you park me at the Bellagio with a few credit cards and a martini, I can be pretty happy for a few days! :yes: And after the hell of dealing with Mom's house in the 110 degree heat that's just what I did!!!!!

    But let me preface this by saying that I went with a little shopping list and deviated from it only slightly. Also, it was important for me to be very selective of my purchases because this was a pilgramage of sorts....a final shopping spree with the spirit of my Mother who was THE queen of shopping in her day and one of the worlds best enablers. So, that being said....here we go....

    After parking the girls at the pool I got myself dressed up to meet the gals at Hermes which was to be the highlight of my trip and my first stop. Armed with my little list (Heart Cadena, Caleche Elastic scarf, ANYTHING in Rouge H, Plume Elan, Wallet) Caramel Chevre Kelly and I strolled into the store. And was immediatly surprised by the lack of bags on the shelves. Somehow though this was OK because by next week I will have the piece de resistance of bags in my hot little hands....my vintage Croc!
    Anyway, once I got over myself, I was helped by the nicest SA, Ronnie. What a delightful woman! She took out everything and we had a blast together. I asked for something in Rouge H and was told they had nothing. I asked to see Bern wallets and they had either Black Box, Black lizard or colors in leathers I wasn't interested in....BJ, Orange and Burgundy. I asked for Caleche Elastic in the 35" square twill and they were out of stock. I asked for Plume Elans and WOA! Hold the phone! She had THREE! Out she came with three huge orange boxes and my heart stopped. Only problem? They were all in the tiny size, two in suede and one in Fuschia Lizard. Lovely bags but not right for me. We looked at shoes and shawls and jewelery and watches. Nothing struck me. No arrow through the heart. No breath-caught-in-the-throat feeling like I've gotta have it or my chest will explode. It was getting depressing!

    And then I remembered my list. I crossed off the wallet, the Plume, anything in Rouge H BUT did manage to leave the store with the Heart Cadena and Caleche Elastique in the pochette size. And that was IT! And I swear I scoured that store! I was over every inch and I finally realized that there are days like that. Where you want to spend your money in one particular place but it's not meant to be and I won't buy just to buy, you know? I have to love it and it has to speak to me.

    All in all, Princess and I had a marvelous time with Ronnie in Hermes. I got to see everything in the place and Princess got the ultimate compliment! She was sitting very happily on top of the glass scarf counter when an Asian lady pointed to her and in a loud voice exclaimed to Ronnie that THIS was the bag she'd been looking for! "I'll take it! Wrap it up! This is the one!!!! I'm so excited! Do you take American Express?????" I was half afraid she was going to grab her and run out the door! Ronnie had to calm her down and finally convinced her that it was my bag and not for sale. She was very, very dissapointe and while I was paying for my scarf and lock she came up to me and explained that it's been very difficult for her to find a Kelly in anything but black and if I ever wanted to sell mine, she'd pay over the retail price and all I had to do was call her. :wtf:

    I guess this compliment made up for the horrible incident at my Mother's house with the Real Estate woman from Hell who upon seeing Princess exclaimed, "Oh, what a beautiful Dooney & Bourke!" :wtf: :wtf:

    I wouldn't say shopping in Las Vegas was a bust....far from it. Even though I couldn't GIVE my money away at the Hermes Boutique I did some serious damage elsewhere. :wlae: My biggest score was a pair of Louboutin leopard print peep-toe slides ON SALE at Saks and being shipped from their store somewhere in the Carolinas. My first Louboutin's and far from the last! A pair of black Ferragamo slides with rivets for daily use with jeans. A pair of black suede platform booties from Prada I had to have because they are just so cool looking and perfect for Fall! :supacool: A (ssshhhhhh!) black lambskin quilted Chanel clutch with silver CC closure. AND (drum roll please) a tri-color Trinity bangle from Cartier which I'd been wanting for YEARS! The spirit on my Mother was sitting on my shoulder when I went into Cartier to take a look. And her voice was in my ear when I finally bought it.......;)

    So that's the story....Shopmom's shopping spree in Vegas. It was pretty fun I have to admit especially after a few martini's!!!!!

    I'll post pics just as soon as I unpack the camera!

    and really.....I'm so glad to be back....you guys were very, very missed :flowers:
  2. WOW! Such fun and you were so wise with your purchases! I don't care if this is the H board, you MUST post pics of everything you got!!!
    Ronnie sounds like a great SA - will remember her when I get to Vegas.

    LOL at that Kelly admirer! Poor thing probably thought they'd brought your bag out just for her. :sad:
  3. WOW, what a story. I am sorry about the awful experience with the real estate agent. She needs to get up to speed on her bag knowledge. I can't believe she thought the Princess was a DB. I am also bummed that they didn't have more in stock for you to see at Hermes but at least you had a good time and and a fab SA who treated you well. Can't wait to see all your new goodies, especially your Trinity bracelet, I would love one of those too. Glad you are back safe, we missed you.
  4. Shopmom, I consider the trip a success!

    I want to see all purchases as well. Glad you had fun.
  5. Yay! Welcome back! That's an impressive well-rounded loot list! I know you'll think of your mom everytime you wear the Trinity bangle. :flowers:

    (I still can't believe the caramel princess was mistaken for a DB! :rant: )
  6. Well D., never mind that you didn't find anything at H, you seem to have made up for it elsewhere..!?!:graucho: I have the Cartier Trinity ring which I always wear, I love it !:heart: It's funny how when you want to buy something, even several things, you don't find anything to buy, and when you CAN'T buy anything then the store is full of stuff you want....!! I'm intrigued by your Prada boots, I'd love to see pics, I used to like their shoes very much, but lately they've become a bit too trendy for my likings!! Anyway, glad you're back and post pics when you can......;)
  7. And let me tell you, Princess was in deep, deep shock after that comment!

    Oh and I forgot that they also had a beautiful Constance bag that I tried on and now I could kick myself to Kingdom Come for NOT buying the one OT had for sale! (I think it was OT) Because that bag just suits me! It really does and it's a GORGEOUS bag!!!! Yikes!!!!
  8. There will be another Constance shopmom...don't worry.
  9. Glad you're back Shopmom, wonder if you've seen the thread yet where all of us were saying how much we missed you... Well, here it is in case you haven't http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/missing-shopmom-35298.html
    It sounds like a fun trip, I'll bet all the people that goes to Vegas is picking that store dry, but no worries, you seem to get gorg. bag everywhere :smile:
  10. sounds like you had a good time!! we definitely need to see pictures of everything you bought!!
  11. Did you ever try on a bag that totally was YOU? Like I know I'm not a Birkin girl but the HAC just fit, you know? It's so strange....but I always thought the Constance was just too.....old looking. But no way! It just looks so sophisticated and chic and tidy. And with the strap that can be used short or long, it's the perfect shoulder bag. I'll have to be on the look-out from now on......
  12. Yeah!! Glad overall it was a decent trip and sounds like you found some great items -- and shoes -- woo hoo!! Post those pics girl!
  13. Well, here's a pic of my lovely purchases EXCEPT the Louboutin's are not here yet and I don't think I'll be seeing them for a few more days :sad:

    Prada Suede Booties (look great on but not so great off....), Cartier Trinity bangle, Hermes Heart Cadena, Hermes "Caleche Elastique" pochette and Ferragamo Slings for jeans which I'll be wearing today!


    Duna....the booties look really great with a pair of black leggings and overblouse or tunic and also with skirts and jeans. And believe it or not, they're pretty comfy too......:yes:
  14. Fun! Love your new bracelet...I have a trinity ring and wear it everyday!
  15. Nice loot, Shopmom!!:yes: Glad you had a great time at Hermes-LV!!:party: