Whats New at the Outlets?

  1. Someone stated in a thread that they had been in an outlet recently and named some of the things they saw. What has everyone else seen at the outlets lately? Names, prices and pics if you have them! I'll start- a friend told me that the cute cute watermelon charm is now at the outlets for $9.99. Ive also heard that the holiday patchwork came out recently, but I dont know pricing. Anyone else?
  2. The Leesburg VA outlet had tons of a patent leather tote - it was large and square with short handles and came in dark navy, burgundy and black - it had the annoying short zipper on the top - wish I could think of the name - very flashy looking.
    They also had initials for $9, holiday patchworks in various styles (not sure of price), studded tan leather hobos with braided straps, tons of signature hobos in green and black - cant even think of what else - wish my memory was better
  3. I'm headed to an outlet tomorrow, so I'm curious what they have too. I would LOVE to find a Large Ergo in Black signature. What are my chances? :smile:
    Or a legacy shoulder bag or Ali in black leather....
    I'll report what I find tomorrow night....
  4. I wanna go to the Coach outlet. I've never been. I'm starting to get hooked on Coach! AHHH!
  5. Our outlet has a lot of leather and pebbled leather bags and accessories; lots of signature items like satchels, demi pouches, Ali's, messengers, and more; lots of Legacy bags including satchels, flaps, Ali's, slim Ali's, slim Gigi's; lots of Ergo's in different sizes; belts, scarves, keyfobs/charms, umbrellas and more accessories.
  6. most recently, we've gotten the summer alphabet charms, some of the animals, a few scarves, and some legacy pieces in the "citron" color. there's also a few chelsea pieces...mainly things from the last delete. holiday patchwork is price point with an additional 20% off at my outlet (in socal)...putting the gallery tote and the shoulder tote at $199.20.

    we have the leather ergo, but none of the sig...those are 30% off factory price, putting them around $300 for the large tote.

    new floorset in a few weeks! there's always some good finds, good luck on your outlet adventure!
  7. Which outlets get the legacy pieces? I went to an outlet in Iowa and called an outlet in Colorado and they seemed to have the same stuff - but no legacy. Where does one find the legacy deals?
  8. i am going to the one in Aurora today - i will report back what i find...
  9. Nancy
    did the leeseburg outlet have any of the hamptons weekend stuff?
    that silky kind, but actually i'm looking for water color stipe......
    i'm sure they've got some because they always do! lol
    i'm glad somebody goes to the leeseburg outlet too! Hopefully in november i'll be doing a little christmas shopping there!
  10. Aw, what colors in the Ali slim flap do they have? Do you remember the price? Not that it matters, I won't be flying to HI anytime soon! LOL!
  11. just called myoutlet and wow - they already have the patent gallery totes.... can you believe it - no legacy satchels though - i did call my SA and she said you can order them thru distribution still, they will not be sending legacy to outlets??? interesting....
  12. So they already have the belted ergos? How much are they going for? thats crazy!
  13. I feel like some of the outlets also must have the sig stripe small hobos because they are allllllllllll over eBay
  14. I remember black and either natural or whiskey (I don't know the difference yet *lol*) and there were some signature ones... I also remember seeing one with gunmetal trim, I think.
  15. Where was this moved to? Why do people do that!!