What's NEW at the outlet?

  1. Anybody been either yesterday or today? Somebody posted last week that they thought new items cleared out from the boutiques would be arriving around the end of this current week (today? yesterday? tomorrow?)...........just wondering if anybody's gotten out there to see what's new..........?
  2. I'm going to Tannersville this afternoon to do a few returns! 3:graucho: I'll let you know what's new!
  3. ^ Yay! Thanks! I want to go, but I just went last Monday, and if there's nothing new, I can wait to do my return!
  4. Lucky girl! I hope you find some good stuff! I'd be so happy if I could get to an outlet but driving 3 1/2- 4 1/2 hours each way with a sick kid and feeling like crud myself (and being on that pesky ban) would not be fun. I'll live vicariously through you if that's okay :yes:
  5. I went yesterday. Some of the 07 bleecker and legacy started showing up. The outlet by me had 2 07 legacy satchels (whiskey and black), legacy leather slim envelope and french purse wallets, both in whiskey. They also had bleecker stuff in British Tan (Leather large flap, small flap, wristlets and duffles). Hope that helps! They said more was coming.
  6. hmm, i'm waiting for the PEAK time to go when all the new stuff is there.
    hope it's soon :yes:
  7. wander, do you remember how much the 07 Legacy Satchels were? :graucho:
  8. 07 legacy Leigh in whiskey , gardenia & raisin, and the green color.
    shoulder flap in gardenia
    Tons of Bleecker bags and wallets.
    winter scarves , hats, leather gloves 50% of markdown

    06 whiskey Mandy
  9. $409 with 20% off (I think!)
  10. Well I was just at the outlet today, but I don't go very frequently. Nor do I know a whole lot about Coach, but...

    legacy slim flap
    legacy satchels
    baby carlys
  11. I was there today. No leather ergo. :tdown: There was a black mandy for around 360. Pristine condition, too. Some bleeker stuff and some smaller legacy bags. They were white and black.