What's Neiman Marcus return policy???

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  1. I ordered 2 bbags and 2 wallets on the phone. One of them came but it won't fit my shoulder at all. I am not a strap kind of girl. I feel bad because I am not feeling the love at all. I want a bag that I can just put it in my shoulder being a petite person that I am. Anyone have done this before? TIA.:crybaby:
  2. which style of bbags did you bought? most handles stretch over time and use, but if you aren't happy with it, you might need to get different styles such as the hobo or something
  3. I got the City in Turquiose and the Bouton D is still on the way.
  4. if the bag is not used, you can return it for something else.
  5. oh, so you can only return for store credit?? or do you get the $$ back on your cc??
  6. no, you get your money back if you return it. but if the o.p. wants to keep the discount of the 2buy2 sale, she needs to get something else. if not, she will be refunded the amount due and the original cost of what she did keep will be charged. (if that makes any sense)
  7. I have always found NM to have a very generous return policy. But I was confused as to whether you might be asking if they would allow you to return a bag that has been used, but isn't working for you because it doesn't fit comfortably on the shoulder :confused1:? I'm not sure about that - you may want to contact the SA that you purchased the bag from.
  8. oh got it, phew. thanks for clearing that up for me!! :flowers:
  9. Ohhh, I misunderstood what she was asking! As far as the sale, though, I was told that if you ended up returning one you would still get a $200 discount on the one that you keep.
  10. coutoure if they were told that, then i hope they got that person's name. you know how it goes, well "whomever said that was misinformed" stuff gets told to you when you need to return something. i was told that you had to purchase two items for the sale so the original price would be re-instated.
  11. That's actually what I was expecting it to be. But there were two different SA's at different stores who mentioned the thing about the $200 - I was calling around a lot trying to find a specific bag, but I never did. So, either way it won't really affect me.

    dimpsogre - maybe it would be best to call the SA that you purchased from to get a definite answer about how they will handle this.
  12. SA at NM Tyson told me the same as Coulter. They actually marked the tag $200 of on each od them, so when you return the bag you'll be refunded at the $200 off each bag. You can return one and keep one or return both at the discount price.
  13. Thanks everyone for the comments. No, the bag is not used. All I did was try it on my shoulder to see if it fits but it doesn't. So, they will return all my money in my CC. I heard BALNY gives you a credit only. Thanks, again.
  14. The bag is not USED at all. I just tried it on at home for a matter of less than 1 min.
  15. Good question, dimpsogre. I was wondering about their return policy as well.