Whats my next flap? :)

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  1. I recently realized that I love Classic Jumbo flaps :smile:

    My tiny Chanel Collection consists of :

    Dark Beige GST with GHW
    Accordion Flap (light light beige , almost white)
    Black Portobello Tote with Tweed
    Classic Jumbo Flap, Black Caviar SHW
    Classic Jumbo Flap, Navy Blue Caviar SHW

    I usually wear neutral colored clothes :smile:

    Now I am itching to get my next jumbo flap! What should I get?

    lambskin dark gray classic jumbo flap ?
    caviar taupe classic jumbo with GHW?
    09 red classic jumbo flap with shw?
    gray jumbo caviar flap with shw?

    or any other suggestions :smile:

    Thank you so so much!! :smile:
  2. 09 red classic jumbo flap with shw! It would be a lovely pop of color to add to your lovely collection :smile:
  3. definitely a red!
  4. Red- you need some color in there, and red's perfect to go with your neutral wardrobe!
  5. I was leaning towards a red as well :smile: I hope I find one soon !
  6. Go red! You need some color:smile:
  7. I vote for red!!! btw, it sounds like you have a nice collection!! :smile:
  8. Your collection is TDF- I vote for red or grey!
  9. Another vote for red!
  10. bright color, maybe lamb??!!?? some of these chevrons are really lovely and rich looking.... or there is a light red lamb with gh coming out one of these days i hear...
  11. lambskin dark gray classic jumbo flap
  12. thanks everyone :smile:

    @ belwl - my sister might be able to get me a lambskin dark gray jumbo flap... :smile:

    i cant find a red caviar jumbo flap!!! wah!!! there is a red lambskin flap though... im scared of lambskin...
  13. I think red would add nicely to your existing beautiful collection!! :biggrin:
  14. I'm voting for the red as well though the dark grey lamb sounds gorgeous!!
  15. definitely a red!