Whats my H ?

  1. Hi All,

    I popped by Bangkok last weekend and H happened to have the Exceptional Sale. I came out a poor woman. The best thing is i dont know what i was getting. So would appreciate if anyone can bear with me while i try to describe the bag.

    2 bodies given. Shoulder strap. With key holder attached which look like a cloth peg. The smaller bag is rather rectangular in shape and length approximately 40-45cm. Beige and can be consider thick cotton material and the strap is light brown leather. And of coz the bigger body is the same colour but bigger.

    Will try to upload the pic once i find the cable and thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Sounds like a Herbag???
  3. Sure does sound like a Herbag, SoCal, except for the description of the cloth peg keyholder. I've got a Herbag and the keyholder is leather.
  4. The keyholder is leather but the snap is cloth peg, right?
    Sounds like a Herbag to me.
  5. Congratulations!

    I was at the sale as well. I wanted to shout out, "is anyone from TPf here?" but I was afraid of being carried out in an 'Orange H' Jumpsuit.

    Happened to find the ad for the sale in the Bangkok Post. I was pestering my boyfriend to NOT read the paper while we were on holiday and when I snatched it away from him, I saw the 'Orange Page'. Haha......Exceptional Sale!!!!

    The bag you bought is indeed the Herbag. You are very lucky. The bag is a collector's piece as it has been discontinued. Please post pics. Which did you get. All I saw were the MM size in navy blue, natural and toile, ebene and forest green. I was there only on the 2nd day and noticed so much had been snapped up. You are indeed very fortunate to get it. What else did you get?
  6. Oops...sorry for the other question. Was overexcited that another TPFer was there too! Your's is the herbag cabas with leather in natural and beige toile. Good for you!
  7. Hi Eric,

    I was there on Saturday afternoon and by then all Thai tai-tais and their daughters had mugged a few bags. I managed to get the bigger size of the herbag lots. There were a few shades; green, black, blue and natural. I took the biggest size available in the natural shade.

    The other one i bought for my mum was a smallest version 'herbag' but with dark coloured stripes. Unlike mine was plain. A scarf for my sister in law. Another small sling bag in full calf.

    I saw a big dark fully leather shoulder bag and really wanted it but someone was holding tightly to it. When i asked if she is buying, she is still deciding!!! I really wanted it but i cant wait for her to make her mind as ive got to rush to the airport.

    There was a Hermes store right after the custom clearance but they does not carry that bag. Im still hanging in here and trying to understand all the H jargons. Very confusing indeed!
  8. Dear SammieGirl,

    The shoulder bag in question, the one with the dark stripes is the Herbag in 'Vibrato'. Also a great purchase - especially on sale. Be aware that ANY herbag today is a 'Good Buy' as the model in all sizes and styles has been discontinued as of the middle of last year.

    The only bag that the Airport Store and the sale has in common was the HeeBoo(and they were selling it at full price at the airport!). I think the shoulder bag that you saw was the Colorado. I found it unbelievable that it would go on sale as well.

    Am glad you made a killing. I did too....
  9. Ooooh Eric you did??

    I mentioned the Whitebus when you posted the sale a couple weeks ago but never saw what you got!! Spill spill!! :yahoo:
  10. Eric, LOL at your comment about shouting out "Are there any PFers here?"!

    SammieGirl, great find indeed!!! And Eric, DO TELL!!!:graucho:
  11. The loot:

    *Hermes shirt - Brown.

    *Hermes Trousers: Beige with the teeniest bit of leather piping at the pocket.

    *Double Tour Hapi Kelly bracelet - Black

    *Oracle Belt in Ebene Barenia - which was a Ladies size, so it's now a Bracelet. Just had to get it

    *Constance Belt with the Silver H - Reversible - Gold Clemence/Black box.

    Wanted to buy a whole host of other things. But the not-quite-so-Better Half was beginning to get irritated. You should have seen me - a 178cm queen with a big Birkin running around with a wild look in his eyes. Sigh.....I shall relive the moment in my dreams for all time.

    Will post pics on the 'Hermes in Action' thread soon. Many apologies for hijacking your thread Sammie - what else did you get? What filled those orange boxes and broke the bank? Tell. I show you mine, you show me yours!:graucho:
  12. ERIC LMAO! Wish I could have seen you!!!!!!
  13. Great loot Eric!!! I lways look forward to your posts- cannot wait to see pics!

    Sammie! sounds like you had a great time too! Congrats!!! Pics pics pics!!!!
  14. "Oh no, you don't"........haha. Hey. Wait a minute... That's exactly what I said to a few people who were about to touch something I wanted to buy. Just kidding. But I never thought I would get an Hermes Barenia belt for USD100. You should have seen me. I got an 'E' in my 'O' Level Mathematics but on THAT fateful day, it was more than enough to make split-second percentage discount values.

    Aiyoh! The bags, the bags, I kept muttering. Those shoes, those sweaters(that I would never wear in Malaysia) but then again. If only I was rich.....sigh. I'm near tears. My boyfriend tells me that if he died/disappeared, I might not weep or cry as much as I would the loss of a Birkin bag. I told him, "What utter rubbish.". But it DID make me think......of whether I am right in the head.
  15. LMAO, eric....you're killing me over here!

    and a barenia belt for $100??? damn! why are all the good deals in countries i'm not in?? lol....