What's "muse bugatti" vs "muse"?

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  1. I just saw the metallic muse with silver hardware, which I love. This is the first time I've seen a muse with silver hardware. However, it is called a "muse bugatti." Is that the same as the regular muse? Here's a pic of the metallic one I'm interested in.

  2. Hi Kat. I just posted this exact same question a couple days ago. :yes: See my thread called "Is this a Muse or a Bugatti?" about 6 threads down. (btw, I just purchased that very bag....you found it on BergdorfGoodman.com, no? My fingers are crossed that it will indeed be the one in the picture...which is, yes, a Muse and not a Bugatti!)
  3. When I spoke to the YSL SA, he referred to the Muse as the Bugatti. The Yse is something else. So I think it's the same.
  4. Ladies, I believe this is the answer: The silver handbag above is a Muse. You can tell because it has the "Y" shaped section of leather on the front trimmed by stitching.

    There is another YSL satchel with a very similar shape, but it does not have the "Y" on the front (it has a few rows of diagonal stitching cutting across each upper corner). That is not a Muse. You can see the difference on the Neiman Marcus web site.
  5. Thanks for explaining this to me, Jill. I appreciate it.:P
  6. I did see your post but I was still confused.:shame: Please post pics when you get your bag. I'd love to see it.:P
  7. My anthracite Muse just arrived from BG! It's perfection. It is indeed the Muse (shown in the picture on their site, and in Kat's post above) and it is NOT the Bugatti.

    The Muse's styling is so understated, simple, and classic that I thought it might look odd in a metallic color....I was wrong! The shade is beautiful. It's like a very dark pewter, and not shiny or flashy at all. It's metallic in a very subtle, subdued way....it's exactly what I was hoping for. The subtle sheen gives this classic-looking bag just a bit of an edge. I love it!!! (now, I have to convince DH to let me keep it!)
  8. Yeah KristyDarling!!! Congrats. I've seen pics of that bag.
  9. MUSE (NOTICE THE "Y's")...

    NOT MUSE (NO "Y's")...
  10. I saw that shade of metallic muse at NM a week ago & it was really stunning. Not at all flashy very subdued & classic.... wanted to buy it in the worst way!:idea: