What's most expensive handbag mistake??

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  1. Ok...so whats your biggest mistake when it comes to buying handbags? (Purses)
    What did you pay most for and then regret it?

    I recently bought a Betsey Johnson Chain reaction tote in a dark brown shade. Now usually Im an IF or Chloe type person, but I fancied a change.

    When my bag came I tried it out and the studded chain/cowboy look didnt suit me at all! I looked like a wannabe rock-chick;)

    I had no choice but to sell it on eBay as every time I saw it, it felt like the damn thing was laughing at me coz I spent too much on it. I sold it but didnt cover what I bought it for.

    Ok..share your stories and make me feel better!:p
  2. Gucci snake skin bag with bamboo handle. Such a waste of money!!
  3. Balenciagia First in a teal blue. Gorgeous colour, amazing leather, great design and detail, completely not my style. It is in its dust bag making me guilty every time I see it.
  4. Fake Tod's eBay accident. $400 or so.
  5. LV Mini Lin Bucket ($925+ at eLux). Thought it would be big enough to carry all my stuff but it isn't. I should have returned it but didn't. Next month is my daughter's birthday and she can't wait to get it.

  6. Lucky her!!! :yes:
  7. A quilted caramel banana hobo from Marc Jacobs. The chain strap is so heavy. It was $900 and I've used it once! Complete and utter waste of money.
  8. It is a once in a lifetime thing though. I don't typically spend that much on her for her birthday. She adores the LV Mini Lin line and I guess I could sell it on eBay but I know how much she likes it. Maybe I don't have to do anything for the next few birthdays. :--)
  9. This is an interesting question. In my case, I don't think I have one over-riding expensive mistake but A LOT of mid-range mistakes!
  10. If its a dream present for her I'm sure she's going to get much more out of it then you did. I think it's worth making someone extremley happy then for the money. ;D
  11. All of my mistakes (and I'm too ashamed to admit how many there are) were from buying bags that didn't fit my needs. For example, buying too many handheld bags. I love how they look, but the practical me prefers shoulder bags so the handhelds just sit there. Or buying bags that aren't functional (the MJ Sophia comes to mind). Luckily, I've been able to sell most of them and get something back, but still...I'd have been better off not buying them at all in the first place!
  12. ^ I'm the same...lots of mid and low-priced items. If I get them from a store I usually return them. But in the last few months I've gotten them from ebay so they just sit in my closet. No one item is too much $$$ but I cringe when I add them up in my head! I keep thinking of selling them on ebay to get some of my money back (and so I don't have to look at them anymore) but am a little scared and a little lazy.
  13. A fake LV on ebay for $425. Couldn't get my money back because I paid by western union to an overseas seller. It was my very first ebay transaction, and needless to say, I was uninformed and ignorant! lol
  14. At least you can sell that on Ebay for good money. I have a Botkier I can't get off my hands :sad:
  15. I bought a beautiful botkier hobo online that turned out to be humongous! I should have known by the price. I sold it on Ebay for a fraction of what I paid, but I'd rather it went to someone who wants it rather than it sit on my closet taking up space.