What's more versatile?

  1. Help me ladies. which color is more versatile? 06 Lilac or Origan? I wear mostly blacks, browns, and darker shades of burgundy and green/gray. I have my eye on ElizabethThomas' lilac and origan firsts but can't decide!!!!!! And nobody snatch those bags!!!! J*K

    ps... lvlady also has a lilac wallet. what an adorable set that would be!!!

    Thanks girls!!!!
  2. I think Origan is more versatile and really pretty, but I love the lilac too. Either one, they are both pretty but from the colors that you said you wear a lot, you might get more use out the origan.
  3. Ooohh, she does have some great bags...and really reasonable prices too.

    I think Lilac would be lovely with the colors you described. Green would go with everything except the burgundy (green/red always look christmasy to me), but the lilac would go with all of it!
  4. Tnc, both would be great, but I'm leaning towards lilac since I also have that color. ;)
    One thing, though. I would first check with the Bal NY store to see if they have the lilac mini coin purse in stock. It retails for $285, and they won't charge you any tax since you live in CA. (The one on ebay right now seems awfully high to me).
    Good luck, and let us know what color you go for! :flowers:
  5. I love the lilac! Such a pretty color!!!!!!!
  6. I have the Origan and it goes with almost everything!!
  7. origan! just purchased an origan for myself...! :love:
  8. I basically wear the same colors as you do so I'd go for origan! so pretty!
  9. i'd go for origan! It'll go with your wardrobe much better.
  10. I vote origan, more neutral, easier to match.
  11. ^^ my vote's definitely for origan :love:
  12. ORIGAN.. i love that green!
  13. You guys are so awesome!!! I can't choose!!!! I used to think that if you can't choose, you choose neither.

    But they way everyone is describing Origan, I already have plenty of neutral browns and beiges....so I think I am going to go for something that POPS, but not as much as a rogue vif... So do you ladies think lilac is a good choice?
  14. i think lilac is a gorgeous color! you can wear it with alot of things, just not everything. your initial question was what is more versatile, and that would be the olive, but the lilac is such a great color. You can dress it up or down. I was actually looking at the lilac first last night, but need to slow down since my obsession is just beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Origan!!!