What's more rare -- Panda or Cerises Pochette?

  1. I think I want one of these, but what was wondering which is considered more limited.

  2. Definitely the Panda. The Cerises doesn't seem to have as much resale value at the moment as there are a lot for sale now.
  3. Thanks Lvbabydoll. :smile: Did the Panda line come out in 2005?
  4. No problem and yeah I believe it was 2005.
  5. Def. the Panda!
  6. totally panda.
  7. I agree with the Panda.. I look through all the Vuitton auctions listed daily, and rarely see the Panda, though Cerises pop up every couple of days or so.
  8. Panda.
  9. There is a panda pouchette curretly listed
  10. Thanks everyone for your repsonses!