What's more important to you when buying new clothes: comfort or style?

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  1. I won't buy clothes that don't feel comfortable when I try them on, however I take style into consideration to a much larger extent when searching for clothes to try on in the first place.

    For all I know, the clothes I don't like are much more comfortable than the ones I own.

    When it comes to actually wearing them it's pretty much all about style. There are some clothes I own that are really comfy, but look ugly as hell. I only wear the more stylish ones when leaving the house. But saying that, none of the clothes I own are uncomfortable.
  2. I look for a bit of both. I won't buy anything which I don't like the style of, but am not willing to torture myself with something I love but don't feel comfortable in. i.e. I love Louboutins, but could never bring myself to walk such high heels. So I go for cute flats that match my style and won't make my feet sore. See what I mean?
  3. First, I look for what looks good on me, then style, then comfort. That being said, I don't by uncomfortable clothes just shoes.
  4. When I was working it was all about style. Now that I'm in school I go for comfort all the way!
  5. You asked
    "What's more important to you when buying new clothes: comfort or style? "

    10 years ago I would have shouted STYLE!

    Now I murmer eh-er-mumble-comfort.

    Have I aged or what!?!
  6. style

    though I do gravitate towards comfort in my apartment ...
  7. definitely comfort! if i'm not comfy in it, I most likely won't wear it.. therefore, i'd be wasting my money.
  8. COMFY! I wouldn't feel attractive or comfortable even if it's trendy...What's the point of wearing something if it's not comfortable?
  9. there's one thing i won't buy if it's for casual almost regular wear...that's if it wrinkles..i'm soooo anal and pet peeved about that. and i guess it depends on the occasion...i'lll sacrifice my comfort for some style if it's a one shot deal...but for normal regular wear, it's the other way around.
  10. both. it has to be stylish when I first see it and then it has to be comfortable when I try it on in order for me to purchase it. I guess in a way style? because if it isnt stylish, I dont even bother.
  11. style, then if it's comfortable it helps. What's the point of wearing something totally bad looking? :confused1:
  12. ^^^ I agree with the above statements about find a great style then comfort. I found a great top at Marshall's for a great price. I loved the style but the sleeves were really tight because of the cut of the shirt, needless to say I didn't buy the shirt. But I have to have both style and comfort.
  13. I require both... if it's not comfortable I won't wear it. I also won't wear it if I don't feel good and stylish wearing it.
  14. i would have to say both
  15. I think comfort might have a slight edge. I have bought a lot of things for style that end up sitting in my closet because they are not comfortable. But I am a stay at home mom and I don't need to dress up a lot. I do try to buy things that look nice though.