What's more important in a job?

  1. What's more important in a job, personal happiness or money?

    Happiness plus enough money to make it through life for me.
  2. i think personal happiness is more important, but money is certainly important as well. when it comes down to it, though, it's something you have to go to every single day. most jobs present their fair number of challenges, so in my opinion, it's not worth it if it pays well and you spend every day miserable. nothing is worth feeling like that.
  3. Of course money is a factor, but I think personal happiness is crucial. If you don't love what you do or you don't love your job, you dread each day, and that makes everything tougher. I guess that one saying "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" applies here.
  4. Personal happiness definitely. Money doesn't mean all that much if you want to throw yourself out the window everyday because you're so miserable.
  5. Personal happyness! But I don't think I'll be happy if I have to worry about money.
  6. ITA:yes:
  7. Personal happiness for me. And to be honest, how much money I'm making would be a factor in that too :p
  8. These two thngs affect each other a lot for me, making me shop for whatever I want whenever I want makes me happy, and everything else that makes me happy requires cash spending too.. (However, I do not buy prostitutes.. ) So in the end money spent = happiness, with some exceptions.
  9. Money, hah, because I'm a college student, and have little issue suffering for a couple years to have enough to make a down payment on a new house in the city I want to live in, and have plenty of $$$ saved up. I'll take personal happiness once I'm financially stable. Unfortunately, money allows you to settle yourself in a happy, comfortable situation, sooo...
  10. If you hate your job and/or the people you work w/make you miserable, it won't matter much how much money you pull in...
    It's a wonderful blessing if we can achieve both.
  11. To me, happiness.
  12. both. I won't be happy in a job if I don't make good money (well, unless I win the lotto) but I'll be miserable if I hate the job no matter how much money I make.
  13. Both. It is a happy medium.
  14. Money. You'll never make less than what you start making, but happiness is dependant upon many things. So, you'll never always be happy with your job.
  15. Id say you hit it right on the head with the order of priorities.. you can make more than enough money but if you hate the job, people, atmosphere etc.. it doesnt add up