What's Missing????

  1. Anyone have an idea what is missing from my LE leather collection:p
    IMG_3600.jpg IMG_4400.jpg IMG_4401.jpg
  2. IDK but strip!
  3. haha ... I finally managed to get one...after my SA made a overseas request:yes:
    IMG_4407.jpg IMG_4413.jpg
  4. Shalom: How much was your L.V. Street bag?
  5. Great collection by the way! :smile:
  6. ^^ the street pm was $2560 A$ ..we pay more for LV here:tdown:
  7. How are you liking the Mahina? It's gorgeous.. what a great choice! :smile:
  8. I love the mahina ... haven't had a chance to use it yet ...hopefully soon:yes:
  9. You have a fantastic collection....
    To complete it, you need an Onatah (if you LVoe it) !!!
  10. Stunning collection of LV.:flowers:

    Congrats on your new purchase, it is a beauty!!!
  11. :drool: congrats on your Mahina XL :tup:

    ummm let's see... how about a gold Suhali Lockit perhaps? :graucho:
  12. absolutely gorgeous!
  13. Gorgeous....and fab collection!
  14. CONGRATS Shalom, finally! :nuts: As long as you're still on here, your collection will never be complete! :p
  15. loves it, especially that gorgeous mahina!