What's left on clearance at Gretta Luxe

  1. I just got an email from Ashley at Gretta Luxe
    (#617 536 1959) ...these are what they have left on clearance in case anyone is interested:

    Betty in light yellow/butter python skin
    Betty with the chain handle in royal blue leather
    Tracey in whisky
    Tracey two-tone leather in whisky and taupe
    Edith in red - regular size
    Edith bowler black
    Tekla in brown and red
    Silverado dr's bag (with zipper closure) in brown - the longer version
    Silverado in silver/purple python skin
    Silverado one-strap tote in gold
    Silverado tote in brown and light tan (big 2-strap tote)
  2. Oh, forgot to mention this little detail.....all are now 50% off!!! :happydance: :party:
  3. Wow!!! Thanks for the tip! I'm calling now to ask...
  4. anyone know what the Betty in light yellow/butter python skin
  5. You're welcome!!! What are you looking for? :love:
  6. I was going to ask about the Whiskey Tracy. Unfortunately they only have the Medium one. Thanks all the same! :heart:
  7. It's 4100 originally, so 2050 without tax (if you don't live in MA) - that's the Betty in butter python
  8. Anyone have a picture of that Betty??
  9. Update from Ashley:
    We also have the Betty in metallic pewter, the one with 2 straps; the Betty in light grey (the larger size), and the Edith shopper in Whisky. :love:
  10. Ashley just sent these two pics...
    pythonbettyyellow.jpg pythonmetallic.JPG
  11. those pythons are hot, but they wont ship to CA right?
  12. Actually, they probably would. You should call/check. As far as I understand it's only illegal to buy python in CA, not own or receive. As long as customs are involved you should be in the clear.

    BTW: I love my python silverado like mad :nuts:

  13. actually, its illegal to have python SHIPPED here aswell. Many of the python shoes, bags that NM or Saks sell forbid them to be sent to CA.

    but, ill call and ask them
  14. I was wondering if they recently changed the law, because I was in either BH, CA Neimans or Saks the other day, and I saw several of what I could've SWORN were python bags. I even touched the scales. They were not embossed, and they were definitely some type of snake.
  15. is the REGULAR Edith the Medium size? do you know how much it is?