what's kelly retourne?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Can someone explain me what's a kelly retourne and the difference with the kelly?
  2. There is a Kelly retourne or also soupple and a Kelly sellier or also rigide.
    The difference is that with the retourne the bag has the seams on the inside. With the rigide the seams are on the outside and another layer of leather is added, making the structure more rigid (hence the name). With the retourne, the bag actually gets turned inside-out after it's being sewn (hence the name). With the rigide, it's not being turned. Pictured: Kelly 32 retourne barenia, Kelly 28 rigide rouge H chamonix.

    kelly 2.jpg
  3. Another silly question. What is the difference between the Kelly Mou and retourne?
  4. The Mou can be folded - not to be confused with the collapsible Kelly that came out at the end of last year (the one that can be rolled up).
    Mou Kellys come in both rigid and retourne but only certain leathers lend themselves to be used as mou. For rigide structure mou Kellys I am only aware of chevre jhansi, but there could be more.
  5. Thanks Hello! That's so interesting that the Mou can be folded. I'll search the reference for some photos. I would love to see it collapsed.
  6. Thank you so much!!!:tup:
  7. Can you tell me if the one of grace kelly was retourne or rigid?
    Also was it a 32 or 35?
  8. Grace kelly had a 35 retourne black box in the photo covering her pregnant belly.
  9. thanks for the explanation....I actually understand it better..
  10. Just to add one more comment - the retourne has a softer, slightly smaller look than the sellier (I don't think it's actually smaller, it just looks it)