Whats it worth? Kaos handbag.

  1. I am interested in a handbag posted on ebay but want to get a sense of what its worth I dont want to overpay. Any help would be appreciated, I am not sure hos to link the ebay (or the picture its gold and red by the way) so here are the details,,,,

    Genuine Kaos Handbag Made from Antique Kimono

    My wife aquired this handbag back in 1998, it was purchased from a shop on 5th avenue in New York. She has never had the occasion to use it, so it effecively brand new. We still have the original white Kaos bag that it came in. Of course the fabric is used as it is made of fragile antique kimono fabric. The tag says KB-A811 collection: 206, it also contains a tag which reads "This product is made of antique Kimono fabric. Please handle with care." This is tuely a unique original piece of art and should be handled very carefully.
    From the Kaos website www.in-kaos.com :

    The first Kaos collection was launched in 1996 and debuted at "WORKSHOP" - an exhibition for young creators held biannually in Paris and coinciding with the Paris collections.
    While researching materials in Tokyo, designer Kaori Sumi stumbled upon quite a practical, but, at the time, unheard of idea: recycling the high-quality, hand-crafted antique kimono that holds traditional appeal and transforming it into a high quality ultra-modern product with fashion appeal.
    From her first showing ,Kaori has been sought out by buyers of some of the world's most exclusive boutiques. As well, she is continuously being featured in the fashion press.
  2. I have absolutely no idea, but it's very pretty!!