What's it made of?

  1. Today at my local Dior outlet I bought a small leopardskin pouch with large Dior zipper pull called 'Small Pouch Pony'.

    Would this suggest to you guys that the outer material is pony hair? It's soft and furry to the touch and coarse when brushed backwards.

    I can take a picture if anyone would find it more helpful but it might not show the material so much as just what the item looks like.
  2. It might be.. you can ask the SA. Some dior purses do use real pony hair for the material.
  3. It's pony. Please post photo too. We'd love to see it.
  4. I also believe it's pony hair. Dior is famous for using pony hair.
  5. Here's the pics. The camera makes the zipper pull look gold but it's silver.

    I still haven't thought of what to keep in it though! Any ideas?


  6. Yes pony hair thats what the tag should say They were in the outlet for awhile They are part of the Diva collection