What's it like at BNY?

  1. We are thinking of going to NYC for a weekend and I want to check it out but is it good? Is the selection really good there?
  2. The store, which is not huge, but not super tiny either, is in a warehousey/arty part of town. When you walk in you walk down a long cement hallway and then the room opens up into a large L shape with a display cave on one side and display areas all around (all poured cement). At first you'll see all the clothes, with bags interspersed. If you keep walking around the L, you get to an area where the clothes stop and there's a sitting area and more display platforms with bags.

    They don't display a lot of bags in the store because they have so many, but then you hook up with a SA and tell him/her what you're looking for. Usually I'll say "I'm thinking of a City, what colors do you have it in right now?" And then the SA will check in the back and bring them out, both current season and past seasons. You can sit and look through them, and then model them in front of the mirrors. Then if you're not completely sold, you can take a few colors and ask to see all the bags they have in those colors, etc. Then, once I decide on the style and color, I ask the SA to bring out 6 of 'em (I'll say "Six, not too veiny, not too wrinkly" -- you say whatever you like) so I can examine the leather and choose the exact one I want.

    Of course, if you know exactly what you want, it's a lot easier! And then when you're done, go to the Wild Lily Tea Room on the other side of the street and a little closer to 10th Ave for DELICIOUS teas and snacks.

  3. ooh! Thanks for the "tour" !!!
  4. :drinkup::drinkup::drinkup:
    There's nothing like celebrating Balenciaga purchases with a little tea!
    Or, maybe a cosmo or two...
    Yeah, baby!
  5. If you're up for a cosmo, I recommend Glass on 10th between 26th and 27th or Bongo on 10th between 27th and 28th. Bongo also has the best lobster roll in the city! Your new b bag will look great in either venue. :smile:
  6. I always thought it would be wicked to throw parties in the BNY space:graucho:
  7. Yep, and the party favors should have tassles on them :p

    :back2topic: I love the space, but hate having to ask for bags - I wish their entire stock was displayed at all times, so I could browse w/o having to talk to people :drool:
  8. YES!!!!! Go there! Get the green tea tiramisu! soooo good! heaven absolutely heaven.

    My favorite BalNY experience was when I didnt even know it was there, I was just wandering through the galleries and then BAM! There was the Balenciaga cave. I wandered in out of the cold and didnt even know where I was going... and then you turn the corner and it's liek this dark cave with clothing racks, motorcycle bags and mirrors tucked between boulders and ledges. I tried on the croc motorcycle bag and had Terry scold me and had Daphne pull a bunch of bags for me to prance about the cave with...

    then I went to the Wild Lily Tea Room and had green tea tiramisu and rose petal tea... it was such a good day!
  9. My mom, brother, and I were in NYC this past January, and while looking for the Bal store, we thought we were lost because we weren't expecting it to be in such a deserted (as in, not a lot of other retail stores on that street) part of town!

    The store concept itself was brilliant, once we got over the fact that we weren't lost, just in an arty part of town. The lady that helped me was very nice, I asked to see one of the jewelled alumoniere clutches, which are stunning!

    I've attached a few of pictures (I couldn't not take them, after all our trouble finding the place) of the store front, so you have an idea of what the area of town is like. It's safe, just different. =)

    Hope you have a great trip!
  10. Gosh, what an informative thread! I've not been to BalNY, and it's great to get a visual prior to going there to see it IRL. I certainly wouldn't have guessed that the boutique would be located in a building with that facade. Isn't that something?! :shocked:
  11. The inside isn't so glamorous either. The design concept is supposed to be very organic...which is actually (surprisingly) appealing.:yes:

    It's almost like an empty warehouse when you walk in:wtf: . And it seems like forever before you get to the actual merchandise...there's a long empty hallway that leads you to it. My heart :love: was beating so fast because I knew Balenciaga bags are waiting for me on the other side. :rolleyes:

    The simplicity of the store (overall) really works because your focus becomes the items. No shiny wooden shelves, nice wooden paneled walls or anything...very bare.

    I remember walking by and seeing a huge rouille weekender...it was so beautiful against the rocks and the white walls. I can't wait to go again this weekend. :yahoo:

    P.S. I'm from No. VA too! :supacool:
  12. I totally get that! But think of it this way...if you find an SA you like, you can start working the relationship so she knows what kind of leather/colors you like. And before you know it, when you're looking for a bag that just sold out, she'll be calling you to say that someone returned a perfect one 5 minutes ago, and do you want her to hold it for you!
  13. And as for the area, it's definitely NOT unsafe. It's a block away from Chelsea Piers, a humungous sports center that's open 24/7 so there always a lot of people around. It just has a lot of gritty warehouses full of millions of dollars of clothing and bags! I think Comme des Garcons is a few doors down from Balenciaga.
  14. i love how different the store is, but i HATE how out of the way it is.

    i guess it sort of works out because im never tempted to just go in and look around (possibly making some impulse buys WHILE looking around :biggrin:) like i would if it were located in soho or the upper east side.

    i dont go there unless i have a purpose going (such as making a new purchase :biggrin:) so i guess my wallet LOVES its location
  15. Oh wow, thanks for the pix queenOFcouture and the description highglossfinish, I wasn't expecting that all, I've only ever bought through the phone and since I live on the other side of the country don't expect to go there anytime soon, but it is nice to have a visual. I knew it was 'arty', but somehow I was expecting something minimalistic, more 'Scandinavian minimalism', even though the designer behind the brand I know is French, funny how one's imagination can just take over!