What's is the next LV you plan to purchase?

  1. Me - a wallet, not sure which one....maybe a mono Koala. :shame:
  2. I was hoping to get into luggage pieces now. I wouldn't mind a couple of pre-loved suitcases!!!:love: And a vintage speedy!!!
  3. I only can buy one either damier speedy, BH/BV, or may be I should wait until August when I fall collection out..
    so many bags I want...not enough fund ..lol
  4. I am finally going to get a mono Speedy 25 (just need to see the Damier first to make sure) and a Porte Billets wallet. Only a few more weeks of waiting! :biggrin:
  5. I am waiting the arrival of a pre-loved Mono Speedy 35 :yes: and I am going to LV tomorrow to inspect the Mono Mini Josephine PM in khaki that they ordered in for me from another province (my local LV had all Mono Mini pulled by the mother ship, I suspect stockpiling for discontinuation). Hubby is buying me a new bag and I think this will be THE one!
    *jumping up and down excitedly* :yahoo:

    My next purchase will probably be the Mono Keepall 45 - pre-loved of course (I love patina!). Unless another bag catches me eye first!
  6. realistic: 4 key holder
    possible: marelle pochette or damier speedy
    dreamy: epi speedy
  7. Hmmm...probably damier speedy 25 when it comes out. I still want a damier papillon but I can only get one. I really want a damier bag. I love my trousse but it's only a pochette and can't carry my usual daily stuff.
  8. O/T But mewlicious, I want to cuddle with the kitty in your avatar!!!:love:
  9. Waiting for a new backpack...my Mabillon has seen better days!
  10. Speedy 30 mono
  11. keepal, not sure which size yet though :amuse:
  12. I would LOVE to purchase a white MC Audra.
    My next purchase will probably be the fuschia perfo bandeau.
  13. im still saving for MC speedy 30 :smile:
  14. I'm waiting for fall collection for the black mono speedy. I also want a mono pappilon (i just love barrel purses for some reason).
    The mono speedy is above the pap though...but I want to check it out IRL first.
  15. I need to have the perforated speedy in green. But maybe something else will pop up on ebay and postpone my purchase. :amuse: