what's is A sandra roberts.

  1. handbag? a neighbour asked me if I ever heard of it...NO...my neighbour went somewhere and saw a bag by this person. any good? garbage? what?
  2. I've seen them on QVC. They look nice, but I've never seen IRL.
  3. I don't know about quality, but I know that there are a wide range of price ranges under this brand. The bags available on QVC are generally under $100. However, there are Sondra Roberts bags that are in the $200-$300 range. I think the cheaper ones are made of PVC, whereas the pricier ones are leather.
  4. Quality is pretty good on the Sondra Roberts clutch (stamped leather)I bought a few years ago:

    I stumbled upon it on eBay and thought it was edgy looking. I was shocked not to find more out there by this designer, other than QVC.
  5. There is a website that sells Sondra Roberts bags called thefashionplate.com. I do like a lot of the leather bags, but some are not my style.
    This website offers 10% off a lot, email them and maybe you can get on the list.
  6. I think I remember you saying you were from Canada. If that is the case, they carry these at Winners. They go for around $130. They are alright but nothing too special, IMO. Check them out and see what you think.
  7. ilove sondra roberts they have great handbags and the prices are great they have that 4 snap that was on the today show i bought it at thefashionplate.com
  8. I keep seeing them at Sam's Club. They look nice.
  9. they also sell them at ShopNBC
  10. I have a bag from Bloomies that's a few years old. The leather is nice. I've never seen another that has ever interested me though.