What's interview appropriate?

  1. I have an interview for pharmacy school in 2 weeks and plan on wearing a suit. What color button up shirt do you girls recommend I wear underneath my suit?

    Should I stick with navy or gray? Or can I go for pink, red, etc?

    This interview means everything to me so I am hoping to look very professional.
  2. green. Pink and red can look too professional.
  3. I'd wear something that's flattering to your skin tone and a material comfortable under your suit. Sometimes I've worn cotton blouses that have a teeny bit of lycra in them for stretch to stay comfy under a somewhat stiff suit. If you're wearing a navy or grey suit I'd stick with white or ivory or green in a blouse as suggested above. I have a bias against pink so I wouldnt' suggest that, IMO. A soft icy blue or powder blue would be nice as well. Whatever you decide, make sure you are absolutely comfortable from the inside out...lingerie and all...no binding or loose threads, gapping in front with a button front blouse, etc.

    Break a leg and all the best!!
  4. I agree with green too!
  5. I've had good luck with Pink myself.
  6. definitely wear a shirt that compliments your skintone... don't worry about being all that conservative with the shirt. as long as your suit is a neutral black or grey colour, you're fine.

    i remember wearing a cream suit with gold pinstripes a lot for high school competitions. it was very fashionable, but did not go over well in judging! haha.
  7. I don't know if you've thought about this yet but from my (limited) experience interviewing etc, I suggest that you not take any LV or GUCCI or any big logo type bag to the interview....they are distracting and also ppl can be haters....maybe it's just me but i truly think that the more discreet your bag is, the better the interviewer will respond to ya.

    kd all the best!!
  8. What about a simple white shirt? Can look very classy & professional.
    I agree do not take a very "in your face" handbag, be understated rather than overstated & let your capabilities make the statement! Good luck!
  9. I have a black suit right now. So would it be better with green or light blue? That is what I'm leaning towards. I am asian and have a more olive skin tone. If I did go with a green would it be the more lighter green or darker green?

    I am so nervous for this interview even my wardrobe is freaking me out!
  10. For interviewing blue or grey are the power colors that seem to make you more likable and trustworthy. I would caution against wearing red or pink.

    Keep jewelry, makeup, and handbags understated. Hair should be neat and tidy and out of your face, especially in your chosen profession.

    I know this goes without saying but make sure your cell phone is off during the interview. I just had an interview last week where the candidate's phone rang; very awkward and of course she didn't get the job.

    A couple more hints that always impress me with candidates are to bring a legal pad and pen with you and have it handy to write notes during the interview. It shows you are interested, organized, and professional. Also, follow up with a writen thank you note or letter and mail it to the interviewer promptly after the interview. I have hired several people based solely on the fact that they sent the proper thank you. Most people neglect this and it really shows you go the extra mile, are extremely interested, and demostrates good follow up skills.

    Relax, be yourself, and knock 'em dead!!!
  11. I think blue. I think it puts people at ease, and people frequently cite blue as their favorite color. There are soooo many shades to pick from, you're bound to find one you like.
  12. If you can find one, try periwinkle. It looks great with olive/beige/almond skin and will set you apart without being too much of a statement.

    Also, if you have a chance, do some snooping around before the interview and note how the people who will be deciding your fate are dressed...
  13. I like the idea of a color under the suit. Either a buttondown or a knit. It is still professional and will set you apart a little bit. Just make sure it's a color that suits your skin, hair, etc.

    Just wondering what undertone are you? If you are asian you will probably look best with medium or darker colors unless your skin is very dark like some of the pacific island nations - I like lighter colors on them too. If you have a warm undertone you will look best with warm colors by your face like red, salmon, yellow-green, olive, teal, rust, etc. If you have cool understones you will great with blue-reds, burgundy, most blues, most greens, purple, etc.
  14. If I were you, I'd be safe and stay with navy, black, grey, or white.

    I always try to be safe if it's something important because, in that situation, I need to dress uber-conservative to balance my hair [kind of wild-looking red-brown, waist-length]