What's inside your Spy - Pics please

  1. Dear Spy Fans,
    I don't think anyone in the Fendi Thread have started a "What's inside your Spy". I know the LV thread have done one. It might be interesting to start one. Well it's been about two months since I got my chocolate spy and it's time to show her off plus the contents inside her. Enjoy!
    Fendi Spy_Front View 1_tPF.jpg Fendi Spy_Angle View_tPF.jpg Fendi Spy & Contents_tPF.jpg Longchamp Keyring_tPF.jpg
  2. here are more pics...
    LV Epi Pochette & Contents_tPF.jpg LV Pouchette Cosmetique & Contents_tPF.jpg LV Mono Cles_tPF.jpg
  3. Pavlova Kitty,
    gosh your pictures sure are small! Or maybe I need glasses :p I tend not to fill my spy up too much,because it's a little difficult finding things when you're in a hurry! I use it more as a 'show bag' rather than a pratical piece haha!
  4. I am still new to tPF, I had problems loading my pictures and it wouldn't accept anything pics bigger. Sorry...
  5. ohh no worries! :smile: I think you can also use direct links and paste the photos onto your post.. If you use photobucket or flickr, they have direct linking and all you need to do is copy the URL :biggrin: