What's Inside Your MJ Bag? Share Your Pics!

  1. Here's an old Ig post I did for #WIMB... starring my black Baby Groovee!

  2. stuff to bring with me at the lab for my 3 hr GTTP test. never had a problem with my other 3 pregnancies so i'm kinda bummed about it this time. ok that's TMI but anyhoo here's a pic of miss faridah with her contents.. LV slgs + mulberry wallet + TF sunnies + revenge wears prada book.

  3. Is that book like the Devil Wears Prada?
  4. I believe it's the sequel :smile:
  5. yep. which i haven't started yet since i bought it more than a month (or two) ago :p

  6. I love this thread! Can we please make this a stickie??
  7. I just got my On Your Marc Small Crossbody and I have turned in to a minimalist!

    Inside my bag are keys, wallet, powder, lipstick, pen, iPad Mini with Zagg Keys in white and earphones. My iPhone 5 fits in there as well. Let's just call my bag a Techy Bag.

    I love this bag!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378593013.582370.jpg
  8. Here's what's inside my bag:


  9. Wow:amazed: You sure can fit a whole lot in that "small" crossbody though!!!
  10. Yes! It's the way the bag is designed. It is a box type bag and I'm glad I went for it. It's simple yet elegant looking. Really happy with it. :smile:
  11. I have a bag that would match your wallet perfectly. :biggrin:
  12. Oh! Is it the tote? I love the leather on that wallet. I got it at the Burberry outlet - literally stopped me in my tracks. The matchig tote was gorgeous, but I'd been on a buying streak and had to just say no! Lol.
  13. Yes, it is the Somerford tote. I got it earlier this year from Bloomies and love it. I would post a pic but probably not appropriate for an MJ thread. Definitely can understand having to say no. My DH has been doing that for me lately. Lol! The leather is great too (pebbled and patent-great combo).
  14. had fun at work with my instagram version of what's in my bag.
    mymbmj too hot to handle mini drawstring in fuschia.
    purses can also be used as a toolbox.

  15. Here's all the hot mess I'm carrying around in my Groovee. :smile: Lots of color and patterns, but it actually helps make things easier to find. LOL
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