What's Inside Your MJ Bag? Share Your Pics!

  1. Love your Wellington, FrenchBulldog! Please, please, PLEASE post a picture with one of your Frenchies in it! That would make my day!
  2. My PTTM Sookie bought at Nordstroms Sept. 2011. I hardly use it, but am taking it out today.


    Key case
    D&B cosmetic
    Coach sm wallet
    Note pad (Susan G Korman for the cure)
    Id badge for work
    HTC Incredible (not in pic. Used it to take pic)
  3. i love the birds on the PTTM. have fun with it!
  4. My Werdie Colorblocked Camera Bag in Shock Red
    image-1492743371.jpg image-45292451.jpg
  5. nobody has posted in this thread for a long time. so much fun! love your werdie and now i want a hi-chew, lol!
  6. The Werdie is so cute and so is everything in it! Love that Hello Kitty cord wrap thingy!! What kind of candies are those? One of my favorite things to do when I travel is looking at the place's candies!
  7. Wish more ppl would post pics of what's inside their bags! Always interesting to see! I love checking out "In the Bag" section on the last page of every Marie Claire that features a celebrity, their bag and what's inside it. :smile:

    Thank you! The Hello Kitty cord holders are from eBay and they are only like $2.00 including shipping! Great solution to prevent tangled cords. The candies are "Hi-Chew". It's originally from Japan and it is popular in Asia. I actually got them from Wal-Mart. :p
  8. Preppy, you've got to try Hi Chews. seriously. they are a chewy flavored candy and just yummy. I actually have to order mine online or have my sister send them to me from Zion Market (she lives in San Diego). They don't carry those decliciousnesses in my area. I live in the boonies.
  9. Here's what my pretty girl was carrying today:

    Coach key fob w/Venza key
    Coach wallet
    Gum (2 flavors of course!)
    Vera Bradley makeup bag (the usual contents of lip gloss, Advil, nail file, dental floss and ponytail holders)
    Oakley sunnies
    No name black makeup bag (mineral makeup, small brush)
    Pink pen
    No name leather business card holder
    Laurel Burch kitty cat zip leather case (holds gift cards)
    Hempz lotion
    Vera Bradley key case (holds my work keys)
    Clipa purse ring (so my baby NEVER hits the floor!)

    Not pictured: my phone and my glasses (using both right now!):p

    Thank goodness this bag has three interior and two exterior pockets: I have something stashed in all of them. :biggrin:
    2012-07-18 21.16.37 (1024x768).jpg 2012-07-18 21.15.39 (1024x768).jpg 2012-07-18 21.11.59 (1024x768).jpg
  10. I am using a Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo which I love cuz it's like a bottomless pit.. Here is what is inside .....

    1) Louis Vuitton Vernis Wallet
    2) Tommy Hilfiger makeup case
    3) Biotin Vitamins
    4) A moleskin journal
    5) 2 eos lip balms in lemon drop and summer fruit.
    6) A straw .. Cuz u never know when u need a straw.. Lol...
    7) D & G sunglasses in a case from Century's
    8) Eyeglasses in pink case
    9) Bottle of Advil
    10) Zip lock bag with feminine products and hair clips and Bobbie pins..
    11) Zebra print coin purse
    12) Bath and body works spray pink chiffon
    13) black drawstring bag with ear phone in it.
    14) sephora mirror
    15) zebra print mirror from Claire's
    16) pink I phone over
    17) the panda is my current iPhone case and iPhone 4... ; )

    I have to try to limit myself or I full this to the brink.. Lol.. And probably break my shoulder...
    image-1598068680.jpg image-2995364946.jpg
  11. Love your Venetia! One of my fave MJ styles!!

    PS I carry multiple packs of gum too- sometimes you want mint and sometimes you want sweet! Gotta be prepared!
  12. Your bag is looking great, Dawn!!! You are right about having "straws" handy! Love the panda iPhone case! Too too cute!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks.. I'm loving it! I even love the inside lining It pops when u open it... I love my panda too! I thought he would get dirty quick because it's white n rubber but a month later n it still looks good.. Yay! N btw I no joke have like 24 iPhone cases it's become a really bad addiction as well.. I have everything under the sun.. Pink blue green orange yellow all plain than I have .. Mood cases... crystal cases.. Animal cases... Flower cases.. A juicy case... Crazy!! I wonder if there's a forum for iPhone case addiction.. Lol...
  14. Love seeing all the goodies inside your bags on the recent posts!!! Keep this thread alive! :smile:
  15. I'll participate too! Here's the contents of my Dirty Martini Classic Q Ukita that I've been using this week:




    Love this bag, it is SO functional for me!