What's Inside Your MJ Bag? Share Your Pics!

  1. my ivory quilted stam:
    -skyblue fendi makeup bag
    -fendi spy wallet
    -chanel sunglasses
    -christian dior key chain
    -extra lg chocolate phone battery
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    anyone got any new bag photos they want to share? I know you all switched into your fall purses by now!
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    I love this thread and it always seems to get lost!

    I will post my bag and all my junk I haul today. I know alot of bags have been bought lately (striping line, etc)!! Let's see those bags and the interesting stuff you carry!! Please....:flowers:
  5. Wow, didn't even know this thread was around! I will have to post pics later. Too bad we can't have this stickyed in references.
  6. I agree JAP4life, maybe someone will make this a sticky!

    Ok, here is my MJ dark berry large turnlock satchel that I LOVE!!! It's very spring-like. And it has berry suede lining! Sweet!

    side view
    peak inside
    all out on the table

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Zip Clutch in Mouse Grey
    lesportsac make up bag
    eyeglasses case
    iphone-and the ear buds are in the round hello kitty pouch from the dollar bins at Target!
    work badge on spongebob lanyard
    hello kitty notepad
    bluetooth earpiece
    hello kitty hairbrush
    misc. papers
    gum, mints, cough drops
    black dusting cloth for the iphone.
  7. stacie that color is TDF! WOW!
  8. Thank you JAP4life!! I believe that Luvpurses24 also has one in the same color! (or she did last time i looked at her family pics)hehe!
  9. Sticky would be great! I've never seen this thread, guess I have a project for the day, LOL. Will post later!
  10. Current bag is the Zoe buckle shoulder.

    In the bag:
    LV French wallet
    LV Agenda
    Coach work id/gym holder
    Lip gloss
    MJ Sunglasses
    Cell phone
  11. Kbell I love your zoe!
  12. Thank you!

    I love it too :heart: one of the only styles that doesn't slide off my shoulder.
  13. Kbell, I love your black zoe too!! What a cute bag!!
  14. Small MP with:

    ~Zip Clutch
    ~60 GB Ipod
    ~ Wapity
    ~Mini umbrella in it's carrying case
    030908_11471.jpg 030908_11441.jpg 030908_10421.jpg
  15. I LOVE the color of your ZC! And love the wapity case - I almost bought one so many times.....