What's Inside Your MJ Bag? Share Your Pics!

  1. I love "peeking" inside everyone's bags!
  2. I ADORE your bowler! It's beautiful!
  3. I agree! It's the prettiest shade of lavender.
  4. Ashlee - what size bowler is that? I am gaga over the Ursula Bowler, and am so protective of mine I have yet to take her for a spin, but will post here the first time I do!
  5. Keen, I love that little robot pouch, it's adorable! It's amazing you can fit a book in your Venetia. I need to get one of those!

    ashleekieu, I didn't realize the bowler was so roomy, you could fit a ton!

    clearbright, that fuschia suede looks divine. You are so lucky to have that washed raisin wallet! beautiful!
  7. re: my wallet, it was an impulse splurge at the MJ boutique in nyc! but i've used her well for years (hence she's a little beat up), and i still love opening that round pushlock each time. (i also love opening and closing the big MJ padlocks on my bags. so fun!) hehe. :nuts:

    i wish i'd gotten something from that collection in the green they had too. it was also a gorgeous color!
  8. I absolutely LOVE your bag. I was actually looking for it recently, but found out they no longer have them in stores. =( I just love looking at yours though. Beautiful. :tup:
  9. moodysmom10 - just wanted to confirm that I found the tags for my key fob and it did cost $57. The retail was $95. When I go back to the NMLC, I'll see if they still have any.
  10. ohh! please let me know if they do! i think i really need one:graucho:
  11. My keys told me they need the key fob too! :p do let us know whether theres still any left ok, luvpurses24. Thanks! :heart:
  12. ^^LOL! I sure will Nocturne!:yes:
  13. Luvpurses - when are you going to share what's in your drawstring dandy? I've been patiently waiting to see some pics!!
  14. ^^Well, I'm waiting for the supposed other bag Nordies mistakingly sent me to arrive. I want to pick the better of the two and send the other back. I'm starting to get a little worried though because it should have arrived by now. I'm hoping and praying Nordies just didn't charge me twice and only sent me one bag!! If I don't get it by tomorrow, I'm calling them again.

    But I promise, as soon as I know the status of the Nordies' mistake, I will post pics of what I carry in it! Believe me, I'm ITCHING to use this bag!!!!
  15. Used my Selma Tote today to my summer job while I'm off from teaching. This bag is so fabulous. It can hold everything!! :p




    Coach Pill Box
    LV Azur Key Holder
    Flimsy Summer Job ID
    Several pens
    MJ Key Fob
    LV Azur Cles w/ car key
    MJ Zip Clutch
    Amazing Grace Hand Lotion
    Purell Towelette
    Lunch snack that I didn't eat:p
    Cell Phone
    Another hand lotion (my hands are very dry)
    Philosophy Supernatural Airbrush Foundation
    Hand Santizer
    Pic631.JPG Pic632.JPG Pic635.JPG