What's Inside Your MJ Bag? Share Your Pics!

  1. Aww, you're sweet! I love showing my bags off, so this is a great excuse! I think I'm going to do my stam next!

    I totally love seeing chanel sunglass cases! They make my heart go pitter-patter!
  2. here's what's inside my newest mj bag, the large taupe multipocket! :love: the lighting is a little weird b/c i didn't use flash (since i took the pix on my desk at work! :ninja:smile:, so there are some strange shadows and reflections and things. :blink:



    left side of pic, top to bottom:
    -makeup bag
    -blotting papers
    -purell hand sanitizer
    -various makeup items (mac slimshine lipstick, armani lipgloss, c.o. bigelow gloss, mac lipliner)
    -hair elastic and clip (for hair emergencies)
    -scented "wet naps" (japanese brand)
    -pillbox with vitamins and advil
    -"schedule book"

    right side of pic, top to bottom:
    -camera case
    -marc jacobs round pushlock wallet in washed raisin
    -caramel tartlet from trader joe's (yum!)
    -business card book (i also keep gift cards in it, as you can tell by the top 2)
    -black razr phone

    aren't you amazed at all the stuff i can fit inside my makeup bag? hehe. everything that's not shown in the first pic is inside the makeup bag! except i keep my razr in one of the front pockets, and stash my keys (not pictured) in the inner zip pocket. :lol:
    IMG_6621.JPG IMG_6624.JPG
  3. Love this thread..will make sure to post as soon as I get my first MJ bag...anyways let's try and keep this thread alive and post away!!!!:yahoo:
  4. luvpurses what is the MJ key fob? i've never saw one of those...its so cute!

    does it "do" anything...lol... or is it just for looks?

    by the way i love everyones bags!!

    I'll do my new stella soon!
  5. moodysmom - No, the key fob is just a fob. A cute fob, but just a fob. It has the little traditional push lock on the front that actually can be "detatched." What for, I don't know. LOL... The back side has a tiny zippered pouch. I really don't know what to do with that little pouch. Thithi said maybe I should carry an emergency mint in it. :p

    clearbright - love that little polka dotted bag! Thanks for posting pics!!

  6. a mint! thats funny! it's SO cute tho! :heart:
    may i ask where you got it? and the price if you don't mind.
  7. ^^Not at all hon! I got it around 2 months ago at a Neiman Marcus Last Call. I believe it cost around $55. I'll go dig up the receipt to make sure. They had other colors too like Butter, Black and Nutmeg. Mine is the color Blueberry. I should be going back to the NMLC this weekend so I'll let you know if they're still there. :yes:
  8. Clearbright,
    I have to wonder what you co-workers thought when you were taking stuff out of your bag and snapping the picture. Unless, that is, you work with fellow bag lovers!
  9. Here's what's in my spearmint Venetia:

  10. thanks cheryl! i hope they do...my keys really need a MJ fob!! haha (they told me :yes:)

    bag-addict- i was thinking the same thing...lol
  11. Ooooh I've always wondered how much can fit in a Venetia - that spearmint is loverly!
  12. Heh, I usually have a book shoved in there too, so they can hold a lot!
  13. thanks! i got it as a bday gift and didn't know what to do with it until i figured out it can hold a bunch of stuff and would be a good purse organizer. :idea:

    haha! luckily nobody came by during the picture taking process, but i'm sure if they saw me, they would've wondered what in the world i was doing! :lol:

    Keen - love your spearmint venetia!
  14. Hi,
    I am carrying my bowler today. I normally have the same stuff as my blake.
    MJ Black quilted wallet
    Coach wristlet - medications & lip balm
    Lollipop - for my daughter
    Mobile phone
    LV coin purse
    DSCN1098.JPG DSCN1097.JPG DSCN1096.JPG
  15. Clearbright, I can't stop looking at this! So pretty.