What's Inside Your MICHAEL KORS Handbag?

  1. Here's a thread dedicated to "guts shots" showing what you carry inside your MK bags - carry a clutch? how much can you fit? Carrying the latest tote/hobo? Show us everything you can fit inside!

    C'mon girls - show us what's inside YOUR MK!
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  2. I dont have a pic b/c I am still trying to figure out how to upload on here, but in my Michael Kors Lily python tote (avatar pic) I have: matching continental zip around wallet, Michael Kors sunnies in the Michael Kors clamshell case, a fold up mirror, a lipstick case, my keys, my weight watcher pocket sized points finder (LOL), bandaids (b/c I am a slob with paper cuts at work and dont want to bleed all over my purse!!!!), a small pill box, tissues, my ID badge for work, coupons, cellphone, and I think that's it!!!!! I keep my cellphone and my WW points finder in the 2 slip in pockets for easy access. LOVE this bag SO much that I sometimes find myself opening up the drawer to my file cabinet during the day (where I store my bag) to sneak a peek!!! LOL...yup...I'm nuts!!! LOL
  3. Hey Mrs Mac!!
    There are two ways you can upload pics -

    1. as an attachment. You click on the paper clip in the Adv Msg box at the top (next to the font color selection) and Browse your computer for pics to upload. They have to be a certain size, but you can resize your pics either when you take them (most digital cameras have size selections) or by using a software program, i.e. PhotoShoppe. Microsoft's PAINT actually has a resizing tool in its newest release (for Windows 7). (if you use a camera phone, I find that the pics are normally small enough to be attached w/o having to resize them)

    2. you can also upload your pics to a photo hosting site, i.e., Photobucket, Flickr, WebShots, etc - once your pics are uploaded, they provide you with a link which you then insert into your message using the INSERT IMAGE icon at the top of the Adv Msg box (it looks like an envelope actually - it's the 3rd icon from the right). There's no size limit when you upload pics this way, as tPF will automatically resize anything too large
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  4. Thank you!!!!! I am going to try this....I have been saying that all day and havent but I REALLY want to!!!! Thanks so much for your help!!
  5. Oh...I'm a lightweight, a minimalist, a stuffphobic. So I try to get away with having and carrying the least stuff possible. I like my bags to be at least half empty.

    I carry the following in my MK bag: a wallet; keys; cellphone; flat canvas make-up bag; small, square, leather "pill box" (from Coach) where I put ER meds and hair clips; small post-it book and pen; travel-size hand sanitizer and moisturizer; tall kitchen bag (folded a dozen times) to protect the purse in case I get caught outside in a storm; band-aids, rubber bands, bobby pins and other misc. things in the zip pocket. Sometimes I carry a book or my CD walkman (no IPod yet!).
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  7. Sorry...:push: Yet, I don't post personal stuff on the Net, so from me a description will have to do. :biggrin:
  8. we need to hear more about what's in your MK bag....keep em coming!!!!
  9. Mrs. Mac, did you ever figure out how to upload your pics? Would love to see some "guts" shots of MK bags! Let's see how much those beauties can hold!
  10. I DID.....and i posted a gut shot in another thread.....I'll try to find it!
  11. I carry my wallet, a wristlet with my "stuff", cell, keys, and sunnies.
  12. Inside my MK's are all Coach accessories!! But I do have MK sunnies!! I don't like to carry too much either - Coach cosmetic bag, Coach wallet, MK sunnies, iPhone, small hairbrush, Advil and gum (and a spare tampon!). Really, that's about it! Oh yeah, and my keys when they aren't in the ignition.

    I'll post a pic when I get home later on tonight!!
  13. I have the MK sunnies too....just ordered my third pair!!! Which ones do you have? I LOVE his sunnies!!!!!
  14. They are in this pic - so unique and original, I love the frame colors - I've gotten tons of compliments on these - bought them at the Kors store in July.

  15. Cute sunnies. They go with any color you might be wearing. :tup: