What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. inside my hampstead azur pm...

    Attached Files:

  2. bebelastrange- I love the jewels you have on your iphone where did you get them?
  3. bebelastrange: Wow, it looks so roomy in that Hampstead! I love it.

  4. Thanks WhalenMe,
    i do all my bling (trust me its not fun & very time consuming!)
    i get my stones from rhinestonebiz.com
    i'm putting bling on all my things... makes anything look $$$
    BTW i use 12ss & 5ss Crystal AB on the iphone and i needed about 800 to cover the back & sides...


  5. Sophia, that hello kitty blings are so cute. How do you do it???
  6. I can't seem to post my picture 'cause I don't have a place to host it, but here's a list:

    damier graphite brazza
    jack black hand healer
    macbook air in sleeve

    inside a damier graphite briefcase
  7. SweetPurple! Bag + items within are fantastic as always!!! Now, I'm going to check out that book Deluxe.....

  8. This is a really good idea SweetPurple! I always end up dumping my bags and grabbing my wallet, cellphone and lipgloss, and running off! Maybe I could be a little bit more put together with a Pochette Toilette. Adding it to the list....

  9. awesome setup!!!

    is deluxe worth reading???
  10. I think so ... it really makes you think, and I have learned a lot especially about LVMH's ceo.
  11. Sweetpurple - love your bag and it's pretty contents!
    The "deluxe" book you have caught my attention too! I read some of it online and order it from amazon. Can't wait to get it and read!
  12. This is what I take to work everyday, I don't like to carry much, I hate heavy bags LOL


    Porte Valeurs in Monogram
    Pocket Organizer in Damier
    Modem 3G
    2 Pendrives
    Ray Ban Aviators
    Cles in Black Epi with Car and House keys
    Cles in Damier Azur with iPod and headphones
    Lousy phone
    MacBook Air
  13. bebelastrange- I never knew a hampstead held so much. I love how you have it so organized too

    mario.af- what a fantastic bag....I really love your bag and contents :supacool:
  14. mario.af:

    I love your bag!!!
  15. SweetPurple! I'm drooling! So much gorgeous pink and purple. How are you enjoying Deluxe? I liked the book!

    mario.af, HOT bag and accessories! HOT laptop, too!
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