What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. It is said that you can tell alot about a person by the contents of their bags so i decided to start this thread so you can showcase the inside of you'r every day bag for everyone to see, so please lets try to keep this as visual as posible, that means no comments or chatting allowed and try to be true to you'r selve!
    i will start with my new gm bosphore



    LVB1.jpg LVB2.jpg
  2. LOL I love how you have the PF on your psp and phone! LOL
  3. ^^haha, cool!
  4. come on girls i know some of you have a cam now post some pictures for us to see:hysteric:
  5. This is mine today!

  6. Ok...I'm on my way to put my bag together!!!
  7. OK here's my Vanilla Jasmin stuffed to the maximum: (but still perfectly closable)


    What I have inside:


    * Portefeuille Accordeon wallet
    * Cles + car/house keys
    * Lancome travel manicure kit (bubble gum pink case)
    * Pouch with misc products (pink pouch)
    * silver mirror compact
    * cell phone
    * Lancome & Clinique lip gloss
    * Tide-to-Go pen
    * contact lenses eye drops
    * mint lip balm
    * Clinique happy body cream
    * Trident gum
    * pewter pill case
    * My Engineering student agenda...ahahaha...
    * Pencil bag and pencils/pens...have an exam soon

    And because I love it so much, I'd like to share a closeup pic of my new pill case with all of you! It's so beautiful!


    I guess you can REALLY tell what kind of person I am from the stuff I carry! :lol:
    jasmin1.jpg jasmin2.jpg pillbox.jpg
  8. WOW Karman....that bag sure does fit A LOT!!!!! It looks great by the way! :smile:
  9. Karman-
    Did you actually put all that stuff in that little bag?.. Wanna come to my house and organize??:nuts:
  10. today carrying my ellipse Pm
  11. I sure did! ;) :nuts:
    But...umm...I'm only good at organizing my bags. Houses? Nah! :P
  12. Inside my Azur speedy 30:graucho: :

    --LV Groom pochette wallet
    --LV Groom cles w/ car&house keys
    --LV Damier koala agenda
    --LV sunglasses
    --makeup case
    --cell phone
    --pocket tissue pack
    --IPOD Video
  13. I love seeing these pictures and all your stuff. Pretty cool...:flowers:
  14. here's mine for today and almost every day...i just put this mini sac inside my speedy 30 if i have to bring some other things...

    lip gloss
    face powder
    HP pocket PC
    Sidekick II phone
    nokia 8801 phone
    ipod nano

    yes i'm a shoes and bag addict, and also a techie person. can you tell? :P


  15. I love all your gadgets!!!! especially the sidekick and Nokia 8800! lol:P
    I must say that 8800 is one of THE CHIC-est phones out there!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.