What's inside your LV?

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  1. DE ZCP

  2. What size is your MC Cosmetic Case? I need one in my life! Thanks :smile:

  3. Thanks darlin! I can't recall the name of the Chanel wallet but it's just a dark beige I got to match my Chanel bags, but it's such a suitable wallet for LVs as well ;)

  4. WOWWW so organized! Love everything!
  5. it's the PM size. :smile:

  6. Thanks dear! :smile:

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  7. BEAUTIFUL bag!
  8. Inside my Eva Clutch~
  9. Update of what's inside my speedy 25. Keeping it light and my new Epi 6 key holder. It is very small using the large purse to go zip organizer. Any suggestion of a roomier organizer to use inside the 25?

  10. Love the items in the bag, gorgeous Eva by the way.:smile:
  11. Thank you~ :biggrin:

  12. I just bought another PTG jumbo and noticed how much smaller/tighter the pockets had gotten. The older versions weren't like that!! Sorry I'm of no help but I hope someone who has multiple purse liners or organizers can chime in!
  13. Lots of stuff in the alma bb!!

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  14. WOW That is a lot of stuff!:faint:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.