What's inside your LV?

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  1. Inside my emp speedy 25:

    iPad mini with light blue casing
    Pink mini Lin canvas cles
    Hot pink miu miu coin purse
    Brown mini Lin canvas mini pochette
    Some flu meds
    Wet wipes
    Tissue paper
    Blotting paper
    Metro card for traveling
    Some confectionery
    Mont Blanc pen
    Cle de peau beaute lip treatment
    Hair tie
    Lightning cable



    Inside the miu miu coin purse:
    Hair tie


    Inside mini lin cles:
    Thumbdrives for work
    Access card for work
    Some keys and whistle for work
    Some small change for quick bites at work


    Inside mini lin mini pochette:
    Cards (credit cards & discount cards)
    Home keys


  2. Your bandeau with bag and all contents work so well together. And the caviar Chanel. I have to ask what color is that? So beautiful and such a great color to go with the gold tone in LV bags.

  3. {hands thrown down on table and mouth dropped}

    Game on! Darn it just when I talked myself out of the speedy 25 you load it up with great goodies superbly organized Nicely done, great post and great pics.

  4. Come be my bag twins...

    We could be identical (same colour) or fraternal twins (different colour)... Infiniti is a very elegant colour I must say.
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    Oooh lala! Loads of Louis

    Tres Belle.... So much LV!
  6. Heres mine!! 😋
    Inside my delightfull mm

    Monogram cosmetic case
    6 ring key holder
    Marie wallet in red
    Damier ebene agena pm
    Monogram cles
    Prada sunnies
    Neon yellow Victoria secret cosmetic case 😄😄😄

    Attached Files:

  7. Loveeee everything 😍😍😍
  8. Love th mc items and the delightful of course !
  9. inside my neverfull mm today. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395700526.534304.jpg

  10. This picture just makes me happy!! :biggrin:
  11. Whoa. That is impressive how much you can get in there!

  12. I am a HUGE Harvey's fan. I Adore their bags so much!!! But I am not a fan of their wallets and they all know I am not. They tease me about my LV wallet but they know I love my Harvey's Seatbelt Bags so much. My favorite is Lola (kinda a Speedy with ruffles)!
  13. Ditto :smile:
  14. +1:smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.