What's Inside Your LV Wallet? * PHOTOS ONLY *

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    Pictures only thread, for comments please post here--> http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/whats-inside-your-lv-wallet-comments-695158.html

    Hi, let me start the thread now (just copy-cat from "whats inside your LV bag?") I am sure everybody also have the interest to know how roomy your wallet is and can hold what special items inside the wallet ??!! I can put my passport inside my mono pochette wallet (when I travel oversea :graucho:). I think some even can put their small note book inside the azur zippy wallet (saw this thread b4). Ok, let me start now.....:yahoo: come and join now :p!!!

    p/s: For those who are considering which LV wallet is the great buy, please do the survey here, it is going to have fun here..
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
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  2. ^^^The plastic coating that seals the edges of the canvas came off so they're going to "re-glaze" to seal it back up. The canvas is exposed where the glaze came off and may cause my wallet to split/peel. I did buy a pomme french purse to relace it but haven't put anything in it yet. If I get to that tomorrow I'll post some pics.

    Here is a bad pic of the glazing coming off of my wallet.
  3. the wallet I'm currently using, love how its so compact

    koala.JPG koala inside.JPG

    koala inside 2.JPG koala inside 3.JPG

    koala inside 4.JPG
  4. my goregeous wallet :heart:
    it is kind of hard to see on this pic, but the leather on the left is damaged :sad: stupid zipper!!
    not that much money in it, i'm saving up for my holiday in Rome so have to keep my money in the bank!!
  5. here is mine....LOVE this wallet!:heart::p

    and i've been using thie CC for a quite sometime now.....THE CUTEST card ever! if anybody's interested....bad this is that this card makes you wanna USE it and show off....! lol


    this card is issued by bank of america, btw!
  6. Tryagain, how thick does your wallet look when its all stuffed? Can you post a pic if you have a chance?

    These pics all look so great everyone!
  7. I :heart: my wallet. I got it Christmas 2005. It still looks brand new. I added an insert to put additional cards in. And my Driver's License. Things that I need to have quick access to. I keep my pen in the bottom, I hate to use the pens at the stores, banks, etc...

    This is a neat post... :yes:
    Doug&Dawns 201.10.jpg
  8. Sophia.... Your wallet is adorable
  9. Here's my Framboise French Purse. My past wallet was a Monogram Pochette, which I loved. I retired it because I wanted something smallet and prettier. ;)






    Love that Hello Kitty Visa... I just applied for my first Visa. Don't really need one, but I'm hardcore into World of Warcraft and NEED the undead female priest Visa (especially since my main is an undead female priest, hehe!) Shut up... I know I'm a geek! :shame:

  10. Dear ktoll119,

    here r the photos....(the 3rd photo and last photo showing that my wallet (dimension: 10cm x 19cm) posts with my working diary (dimension: 19cm x 24cm) :rolleyes:
    how thick 1.jpg how thick 2.jpg 1.jpg 4.jpg
  11. Took some pix of the inside of my Pomme French Purse:

    Since people are sharing their cute CCs I wanted to share my cute Jack Russell Terrier CC that hubby got for me (we have 4 of them--the dogs that is).
    pomme outside 2.jpg inside pomm wallet.jpg inside pomme 2.jpg pomme change.jpg inside pomme 3.jpg
  12. I use the credit card holder as my wallet since I can put it in my pocket.
    Here' s my wallet .....



  13. MC Cozy (my small wallet)
    It can also fit 4 cards inside as well as bills, if any one wants to know.
    DSC03685.JPG DSC03693.JPG DSC03696.JPG DSC03697.JPG
  14. Groom Pochette Wallet (my big wallet)
    DSC03826.JPG DSC03828.JPG DSC03829.JPG DSC03830.JPG
  15. My black MC french purse and white MC wallet:smile:
    DSC05758.JPG DSC05759.JPG DSC05760.JPG DSC05761.JPG