What's inside your Longchamp bags? Show us please

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  1. Hello my fellow Longchamp lovers.. If you may..show us what you got in your bags.. let our eyes be filled with love, lust and envy LOL..oh ok..we are still talking about Longchamp bags here:biggrin:☟☟☟
  2. [​IMG]Ok..so here's mine.. It's a medium longchamp autour de halong in brown :smile: I really love to carry her almost everyday
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  3. Here's what I'm currently carting around.
  4. I really need to see more of these :graucho: ;)
  5. It's bag in a bag day today. I stashed my Papillion in my LC shopping tote today. The Papillion (26) has phone, keys, 2 small Coach wristlets and an eyeglass case in it and I was too tired to change purses when I went out. When I got back it had this, plus 3 prescriptions in it and still plenty of room for a lot more....

  6. Here's what's in my Le Pliage Cuir. Some items the same as above and some different. :smile:

    Trail Mix
    Kindle Paperwhite
    Juicy Couture rollerball
    Dior lipstick
    Tiffany eyeglasses
    Ray Ban sunglasses
    DKNY pouch (eye drops, Advil, feminine products, hair ties, glasses cleaner, etc.)
    Small notebook
    MbMJ key pouch
    Eos lip balm
    Hayden Harnett Bardot pouch (phone charger and ear buds)
    Marc Jacobs Sister wallet
    (not pictured: my iPhone)
  7. that's actually a really great idea! use the heavy duty bag to protect the nicer bag in rain.
    (you'd think i'd have thought about that but i haven't :lol: )
  8. Switched out some SLGs, so sharing a new pic in case it's helpful to see how much these can hold! :smile:

    Small LH in Gunmetal
  9. ❤️ Le Pliage in bilberry

    Ferragamo continental wallet
    Ferragamo headband
    Chanel sunnies
    LV card holder
    LV coin purse
    LV agenda
    Coach cosmetic pouch - shiseido lipstick x2, shiseido eyeshadow palette, hand cream and hand sanitizer.
    Kleenex tissue and wet tissues
    Hello Kitty hand towel

  10. Sutefani can you tell me what size your Le Pliage is, and does it fit over your shoulder?
  11. Hi nanabags! Yes it does! It's the LP "shopping" - small.

  12. Sutefani, thank you for the picture, Helping me decide I need one.
  13. Inside my medium Planetes tote:
    Longchamp cosmetic case in pink
    Hobo Lauren wallet
    Vera Bradley phone pouch
    Hand cream
    Prescription sunglasses (usually Ray Bans but wearing my eyeglasses rather than my contacts this week)
    Trail mix
    Hayden Harnett pouch (charger/earbuds)
    Tiffany eyeglasses
    Baby Lips
    Bite lipstick in VIB Rouge
    Umbrella (yay, Spring!)

  14. JUST ordered this exact bag from Nordstrom. It's my first LP and I was worried that I picked the wrong color. After I saw your pic, I now know I was right on.👍

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  15. Thanks for sharing that pic. I just ordered the large black Planetes Tote from Nordstrom last night, great sale! This will be my first Longchamp, and I can't wait to get it. So happy it holds a lot!