What's inside your Lindy? :)

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  1. I tried searching for the same thread but couldn't find one :smile:

    Just want to ask all the Lindy owners out there...

    What can fit inside your Lindy and what is the best bag organizer for it? :smile:
  2. I fit a LOT into mine (which is now on to another home) and I think I still have pics. I will look. Also, I don't think it needs an organizer. The fortune cookie shape keeps everything nice and tidy and easy to find.
  3. Here ya go - 30 cm Lindy:

    (Old pics! Funny I don't even have half of that stuff anymore!!! I went for an H rainbow. LOL!)

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  4. CharmedMac I don't use organzers in my Lindys. Of course I am not very organized to begin with! But I can fit a large wallet, small wallet, sunglass case, key case, small LV make-up pouch(sp), a book or magazine. Sometimes I throw in a water bottle too!! It is very full at that point and does not "fold" very well but at a 30cm I think it holds a ton!! Also I think its easier to dig stuff out of than my 37 mou bolide! I hope this helps!:flowers:
  5. CharmedMac, this is a 34 Lindy in Lagon swift. I don't usually carry this much in it, but there's still lots of room at the top for a water bottle, another book, or some shopping. I don't have an organizer -- Hermes has taken care of that. ;)

    Included are:
    Dogon Combined Wallet
    2 GM Karo
    Cashmere GM
    2 mini Ulysse
    medium Ulysse
    sunglassses case
    iPhone in xmas gift case from the kids
    car key, Carmen on Bolduc for bikie riding in the park

    Thanks for the opportunity to take some pictures! If you're considering a Lindy and love casual shoulder bags, go for it. They're terrific. And love the 2 outside pockets too.

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  6. Ha ha!! Love it!! I knew there was a reason I needed a 34!!! BTW the historian was a great book! And again I can not tell you enough Pierina2 how much I love your blues!!!:tender:
  7. Thank you Julide, you are so kind! Yes, I could get the Chihuahua in there too if I really needed to...and this size looks just as nice stuffed or nearly empty. I haven't had a chance to start the book yet, but it's on top of the stack. And say hi to Sean for me, he's soooo sexy. Still.
  8. :blush:Thank you. I am definitely going to try a 34 when I can. I think it could be a great weekend bag. Like I need a reason for another bag!:rolleyes:Sean:love:I'll tell him you said hi!!:PSorry for all this chatter in your thread CharmedMac:shame:All my fault sorry.
  9. mine too, sorry sorry!!
  10. No worries!!! Thanks for sharing! :smile: Im a bit of a clutter and I always find myself with a disorganized bag :smile:

    I hope other Lindy owners can share as well :smile:
  11. irishlass1029 - I love the color of your Lindy! :smile:

    Pierina2 - I love how organized your Lindy is :smile: And the pastel colored rainbow!!! :love:
  12. Oh yaay, I love the Lindy :biggrin: Keep the pictures coming :smile:
  13. i adore lindy's very much!!!!! once I get my birkin this baby is next in line!
  14. More pictures please :smile: Very inspiring :smile:
  15. IMHO the best organizer for the 30 is the large Chameleon , it's a perfect fit .