What's inside your Karo

  1. Let me start. Hopefully someone will follow:s .
  2. ^^ Great picture! :love:
  3. Well, if I HAD a Karo.....J/K. Mine is on its way!!!!!! Gold Chevre (tku A!)

    I LOVE all the beautiful colors inside yours, My Peko! Can you tell us what all your goodies are?
  4. Yes would love to know what the items are! Love the colors....oh and I have one but haven't been using it - shame on me!
  5. My Karo cluth (the smallest) contains very private stuff .... not photo worthy!:sweatdrop:
  6. Inside my Rouge VIF PM Karo:
    Hand Sanitizer
    Listerine Spray
    Sugar Free Halls Lozenges
    Shiseido Sheer Lipstick in Honey Tea
    Thin mirror
    Emergency car key
    Bliss lip balm
    Montblanc pen
  7. Orchids, my god - you pack your Karo - and it's even a PM! that's great!

    mine's a GM and i'm afraid to stuff it - the chevre feels like it will deform with my toiletries!
  8. Holy God!!!! And THIS is what you can fit in a PM????? WOW!!!! That's great!!!!! Can't wait for mine, now........
  9. I have to admit that it's pretty packed with all that in there, but not too packed that things distend the leather. :yes:
  10. Oh I hope that my boutique has one; you all have convinced me that I NEED ONE!!!
  11. oh i need one toooooooooo:yes:
  12. Yet another item to add to my every expanding wish list of small leather goods. Lovely pictures ladies, thank you for sharing.
  13. Orchids, your Karo in Rough Vif is soooo pretty!:love:

    I fit mine with a credit card holder (cyclamen), a coin bag (vert anis), keys, telephone (tied with a chilli carmencita), a pack of tissue paper and a lipstick.
  14. Here is what's in my Fuschia Karo PM:

    comb, mirror, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, concealer, blotting papers, cherry chapstick, 2 lipsticks, solid perfume, Wet One, Shout Wipe, Oral B Brush-up, Listerine mouthwash strips, and a pill box with 4 Advil and 4 Excedrin.