what's inside your hermes handbag?

  1. i am travelling next weekend and i was just curious what bag you carry travelling and what's in it? (i know this is not everything inside but it's got my travel essentials) :

    1) airline earphones (movies on long flights are just helpful)
    2) ipod
    3) fashion literature
    4) pashmina as blanket (not pictured)

    in my birkin 35 chevre with PH

  2. Oooh this is going to be a fun post!! At work so I can't post what I'm carrying but will when I return home! Great pic!
  3. OMG! LOOK at that GORGEOUS bag!!!!!! I LOVE the Chevre leather in black.......THIS is your Carry-on?

    PAZT! You might have helped me out TREMENDOUSLY with my "what leather should I get my Birkin in" question that's been hanging over my head. I just love yours. OT, I know but I just have to ask you how the Chevre works out in the Birkin for you? I know Chevre keeps it shape but does it still have some slouch to it?
  4. pazt, great new thread! Love your bag!!
  5. thanks guys!

    shopmom : i love that it has a tiny sheen to it (it has that in black but i saw a caramel chevre HAC and it doesn't have that shine). i use it pretty much everyday and fly with it since i can pack a lot on a 35. it doesn't have much slouch but that's what i like about it - it still holds it's shape no matter what you put in. you'll gonna love it!

    for my carry on, i also do a kelly 32 with strap or a JPG shoulder birkin since i can swing it over my shoulder.
  6. Thank you, Pazt! You must look so chic while traveling!!!!!!!
  7. BTW everyone, pls. share pics too.

    so we can just drool on your jetsetting H bags!
  8. Hmmm ... No Hermes bag with me right now but in the past on the VERY RARE occasion that I even use my H bags, here are what I carried:

    - Cellphone
    - Keys
    - Compact Wallet
    - Small makeup case the size of the compact wallet

    These are the same things I carry regardless of what bag I carry.
  9. when i fly i like to carry (it varies if i fly business or coach)
    - evian mist: refreshes the skin. essential on long flights.
    - eye mask
    - basic skincare and toiletries
    - bose headphones
  10. A Whole lotta JUNK!!!! :lol:
  11. i bring my shoulder bag from hermes and a longchamp tote for the magazines and snacks and supplies. in the purse i just have the daily stuff.
  12. I was wondering when we'd have one of these threads, and was actually thinking of a snap "spill the beans" photo-shoot where we could all instantly - and truthfully - reveal the contents of our Hermes bags. Of course aside of the fact that I don't qualify (yet!) and the best I can manage is an old Bruno Magli with a scarf tied on it I would be thrown off the forum if you could see the Horrors Inside.
    Anyone else too embarrassed to give a true and frank account of what's-in-the-bag?
  13. mine is very tidy, unlike my home. lol
  14. Can't take pictures b/c I'm at work, but in my GP, I have 2 expandable redwell files, 4 manila folders with docs, 2 magazines, cosmetic bag, aspirin and eye drops.

    Carrying my Trim today as well: Vision agenda/wallet, glasses in case, sunglasses (no case), Armani compact, lip gloss, Trish McEvoy "little black card", L'Occitane hand cream, inhaler, cellphone and BlackBerry.