What's inside your Goyard

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  1. #16 Dec 23, 2009
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    Hi ahertz, no unfortunately it doesnt. I wish they have loops to hang a detachable strap..

    annalcg, like Longchamp mentioned the Boeing were made for luggage, I think the one I have is the smallest Boeing they have :smile:
  2. Annalcg - I can't believe how much you were able to place on your PM! Is it really that durable? I would be so afraid of the straps breaking!
  3. Haha, yes, it is true! My photos do not lie :P I carry books in it 4 or 5 days a week to classes, and it has held up wonderfully so far for two semesters!!!

    If you have any other durability questions, please let me know.
  4. Eek! Ive always wondered if i could use goyard St. Louis as a skoo bag with heavy load of books. Seems like my doubt has been cleared up. lol. Ive been wanting to own one myself for so long; and now after seeing this, I want one even more...I need to get in the saving mode. lmao

  5. When I started law school I was so tempted to buy one for my books, but after talking with one of the SAs she told me it would only hold 6-7 pounds of books, and my laptop weighs that alone, so I passed.

    But now seeing annalcg's post I want to try...
  6. Obviously I'm not advocating placing bricks in the St. Louis, but they are incredibly durable. I carry my 3lb laptop a LOT in it, plus books, so I'm sure the 6-pound mark has been reached many times (especially with heavy language texts, hehe). I'd say go for it, but be careful and make sure you check it for wear regularly. Carrying massive amounts of books was the kryptonite for my Fidji, but the St. Louis is quite all right thus far :smile: Good luck!
  7. Here's a quick picture of what's inside my new St. Louis PM:

    --- Large Vera Bradley case that contains my LV personal-sized agenda, work ID, Metro pass, iPhone
    --- Small Vera Bradley case that contains my keys, lip gloss, and hand lotion
    --- Umbrella
    --- Kindle

    I don't buy really expensive accessories for my purses -- I had a Marc Jacobs wallet that I loved stolen out of my purse in Boston a few years ago. I store anything of value in Vera Bradley cases, especially if I have an open tote. I take the Metro for work every day, so I'm always extra cautious.

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  8. ^^ Love how neat and organized it is, SuLi!