What's inside your Goyard

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  1. I'm starting this thread to see what each Goyard bag can fit and what you ladies carry around ;)

    So here is my Okinawa PM and its contents 2 years ago (went to university). Will take new and better pics for size/content reference soon


    - 2 A4 sized lecture notes
    - Wallet
    - Makeupbag
    - Pencil case
    - MP3 player
    - chewing gum
    - random paper...
  2. I tried to edit my first post, but send it too late for the 30minutes frame... so here we go again.
    Below are newer pics, first is a Goyard filled to the brim for reference purposes

    Next is the content inside the bag without the Pashmina covering everything

    And here the detailed contents
    - Pashmina
    - keys
    - random French Vogue Issue
    - LV Taiga wallet
    - Nokia Cellphone
    - long Guy Laroche card wallet filled with membership cards
    - Asus PDA
    - Montblanc Leather Case for Writing Instruments
    - Biotherm makeup bag (the huge cream colored thing) with:
    *Acne Blotting Paper
    *Contact Lense Case
    *MAC Blot Powder
    *Guerlain Terracotta Powder
    *The Body Shop Brazil Nut Lipbutter
    *3 MAC Eyeshadows
    *Sample skincare container with foundation for touch ups
    *Hand cream
    *Pocket Knife
    *Compact brush
    *Hermès Ambre Narguilé perfume (15ml)
    *Chanel Glossimer
    *Dior Diorshow Mascara
    *Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
    *Shiseido Concealer
    *Chanel Eyeliner

    I usually don't carry that much with me... but it shows how much goes in. I just wished it was like 1 inch higher, then it would fit a solid folder with A4 papers better...
  3. Here is a pic of what is inside my red Fidji. It can hold way more than this.
    Here is a pic of it inside the bag....


    This is what was in my bag...
    - keys
    - Cosmetic pouch with
    - Chapstick
    - Coverup
    - Tissues
    -Bvlgari Sunglasses
    -Rose pop LV sarah wallet
    -Ipod shuffle
    -No cell because I used it to take these!

  4. What resided in my St. Louis PM today... I had a full day of classes as you shall see.



    Photos from my Flickr

    What's inside:
    -A rather thick Portuguese textbook
    -equally thick Portuguese workbook
    -mini Moleskine planner
    -purple folder
    -sky blue spiral notebook
    -Italian textbook
    -small lavender Mead notebook
    -thin Descartes book
    -hardcover library book
    -Luna bar
    -Goyard wallet
    -an assortment of pens and pencils

    It's quite the durable little Goyard!
  5. Not great pictures, but here's what's in my St. Louis PM:

    17" MacBook Pro/case
    Balenciaga makeup
    Balenciaga coin purse
    Marc Jacobs wallet

    Attached Files:

  6. I feel weird about posting pics of my purse contents. I don't even let hubby go into my bag. But I will say the Fidji is great for traveling. I have easily carried at one time:
    Water bottle
    Large makeup bag
    Another smaller purse LOL
    Continental style wallet
    A Bottega catalog
    Cellphone charger
    A pack of gum which was buried at the bottom and useless!
    It was stuffed, but I made it.
  7. I'll try to take a pic later but here's what fits in my Marie Gallante PM:

    Long wallet
    Card case
    Makeup pouch
    LV cles/keys
    paperback book
    shawl or scarf
    Ulysee TPM notebook
    coin purse

    I love this bag baecause all the contents fit neatly on the bottom and then I still have room to stuff in a magazine or book and a shawl/scarf. :tup: You could fit a water bottle but I never put liquids in my bags. :shame:
  8. Here are the pics. :biggrin:

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  9. Inside my Goyard Blk Boeing 30 are...



    Hermes Ulysee MM notebook,
    Hermes Dogon wallet in Ebene,
    Hermes Toho Bohu shawl,
    Burt's Bees hand sanitizer,
    Kiehl's concealer,
    Bobbi Brown eyeliner,
    Carmex lip balm,
    heart-shape nail filer,
    Chloe sunglasses,
    Farm activity book for DD when bored :P
    They're all stuffed in the bag organizer.
  10. bump!
  11. ^Wow, LoveThatThing, your photos are making me fall for the Boeing! Do you carry it as an everyday bag or only for travel/overnight?
  12. Thanks annalcg :flowers: I carry them as an everyday bag, it can fit more than the picture (ie. a few more snacks & kids' water bottles, etc.) and the size it's about the size between the LV speedy 30 and 35. I carry a much larger bag for traveling like the Balenciaga Weekender :smile:
  13. ^^ Does it fit over your shoulder?
  14. Oh wow! I had no idea it was like the Speedy 30/35- Surprisingly, I've never seen it in person :confused1: I asked for it once at Barney's but they were out. I thought it was bigger!!! Do they come in multiple sizes?
  15. Yes Boeing's can be very large as luggage size ^^^
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