What's inside your Goyard- Comments Only!!!

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  1. I wanted to start this thread since nobody was commenting in the other one. Feel free to discuss What's inside your Goyard in here......
  2. annalcg- I can not believe all the books you carry in your St.Louis! Wow that really shows how well the bag is made.:amazed:
  3. ^ I was thinking the same, it's seems roomy too :smile:
  4. I agree. I was thinking of getting a GM, but I think now a PM may suffice. There's a lot of room in there!
  5. do you carry so much often? I'd be scared the handles might stretch, but it's one more reason to buy if I know they can take this everyday :biggrin:
  6. I like my GM for travel and if I am going somewhere overnight but if I needed a pretty big bag for everyday I would get the PM
  7. Thanks for posting crochetbella. I can't wait to see the pics
  8. Oooh, now I really like Boeing 30 and how much fits in there. I have to check this bag out IRL at a Goyard store!