What's Inside Your Fendi? (**PICS**)

  1. Ok ladies, I have seen this on other designer forums so I decided to start one here.

    This is my one and only Fendi, the Zucca Baby Spy.
  2. Here's what's inside...
  3. And here's the list:

    Pursebrite Organizer (love how it keeps the shape puffy)
    Tide to Go Pen
    Lip Gloss
    Lotions (Clinique and Bath n Body)
    Powder (Clinique)
    First Aid Kit (the red thing underneath the powder)
    Meds (Allegra-D)
    Antibacterial gel
    Lipstick, blush, eyeshadow combo (Clinique)
    Pink Bling Knife (w/ tweezers, etc..given to me by sis)
    Pocket contains feminine product
    Silver Clinique makeup bag contains nail file, purse hanger, ibruprofen, clippers, safety pins, paper clips, rubber bands (for DD's hair), Feng Shui coins given to me by sis, Sonic mint
    LV Agenda in Pomme, used as a wallet
    P1200014.JPG P1200015.JPG
  4. Oh wow! That looks so organized! I'm afraid now. I usually just throw stuff into my bag. :shame: I'm always the crazy woman digging around in her bag for something.
  5. Bal, I was too...LOL...until I got the pursebrite...best $10 I ever spent...now c'mon ...show me some pics!
  6. LOVE this thread as soon as I get my first Fendi, I will be posting in it. Hope to see more pics soon
  7. I have the pursebrite too! I love it, I have it in my LV speedy..
    And the large purseket in my new fendy tote..
    Great thread, Love to see what other ladies carry around in their purses! ;)
    Should make a picture of my own soon!
  8. I'll post pics but must get it organized first - a real mess! ssmama you are soo organized. I think because of that you can actually hold more stuff as oposed to just throwing stuff in.
  9. I'm the crazy woman digging in her bag too, I'm afraid. :s Not sure I'm brave enough to show everyone the mess in my Spy today...

    Great idea though, SSMAMA!
  10. i dont have a fendi, but this is a plea to all you Fendi owners; 'PLEASE POST PICS!!!':yes:
  11. ^^ITA! C'mon baglady, Saich, Liti, Ballov, kneehighz, Kav and all you other Fendi owners out there....
  12. Haha.... Nothing interesting in mine, but seriously people....

    Check out the BLING BLING on ssmama's RING RING!

    (And by ring ring I mean mobile.)

    (Oh and by mobile I mean cellphone in American speak.)
  13. Kav, LOL...let's see what accessories you have in your Fendi!
  14. Couldn't resist: here's what's in my zucca cosmetics case :p
  15. So where do you keep your make up? :roflmfao: